Monday off

I have the day off and there are thunder storms today in Minneapolis.

It makes me feel like I'm up at the cabin.

I'm grateful to be home in this cozy house of Rob's.

Two of Rob's very accomplished musician friends came over here for dinner last night.

These two men are both bachelors, and both hold excellent positions in their chosen musical fields.

They're great gentlemen, great conversationalists.

They each live alone in different parts of the country and they don't see Rob or each other very often.

I made the food, grilled two marinated pork tenderloins, made creamed corn from fresh corn on the grill, cut from the ears and browned in a skillet with bacon and heavy cream. A huge Caprese salad with our own garden tomatoes and fresh Basil from one of my students. Grilled asparagus. And Nina had baked homemade sour cream raspberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting using the raspberries from our backyard. 

We all had a nice time. The evening was still and beautiful, not too hot, and we ate outside under the umbrellas on the back deck.

When they left I talked with  Rob about the evening.

He commented that I seem to be a more fulfilled person now, and of course I agreed.

He said that I used to want to excitedly tell about all the things I was working on with my music and writing.

Last night I didn't even bring up the topic of my pursuits or my work, even though I have much that is exciting and promising on the horizon.

I told Rob that playing so many shows a week the way I'm doing takes all the ego out of me.

I'm being given the opportunities to perform and through my performances my music dreams live and are forwarded and upheld.

I believe and I have every indication that what I am believing in is real.

I don't need additional validation.

I don't need to keep it alive by talking about it to people.

It lives.

My dream lives.

And I don't need to talk about it because it's unfolding naturally before my very eyes.

And I'm too tired to talk about it anyway.

All the performing and promoting and traveling is taking every single ounce of energy that I possess.

There's nothing left for talk.

So I can enjoy the cooking and the company of friends and family and I don't need to accomplish anything or, most importantly, prove anything.

I just am there to please and to enjoy.

This is a state of being that I have hoped to accomplish all my life.

I think the thing is that if you tend to your dreams and you are a good steward of your inner child's yearnings and aspirations, then you are a fulfilled content person and life is good.

Enjoy these last weeks of summer as best you possibly can.

I play the next three Thursdays in a row in Excelsior, MN, a small lakeside town near Minneapolis.

Rob and JJ are playing these shows with me and one night Chad Mittag from my B String band is playing too.

I'm so glad they're doing these with me so we'll be really good for our Europe shows in late September!

And the new cover tunes album is going to press any day now!

Wonderful good fortune all around!

Blessings to you!


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