One miscellaneous piece of news is that I went to the doctor for a yearly check up yesterday and everything was great.

Last Spring I got a blood clot in my leg from the Southwest tour driving conditions.

My daughter and I had to do a massive amount of driving to get to each far flung location and I didn't get enough exercise or movement.

Luckily it went away with only taking some children's aspirin every day and doing a lot of walking and bicycling.

But also during that time last Spring when they took my blood pressure each time it was elevated. It was like 140/90.

Yesterday it was 108/60.

The nurse took it several times because we wanted to be sure.

My blood pressure used to always be very good and then in recent years it got higher each time.

But I've been very careful this year about everything...alcohol...caffeine...salt....and I've had the delight of my daughter Nina in the house here whipping up all these delicious health freak treats.

Nina makes these spicy smoothies we discovered in Santa Fe New Mexico and Boulder Colorado.

They're made with frozen chunks of mango, fresh avocado, fresh ginger, coconut milk, plus sometimes raspberries or bananas, and cayenne pepper.

She makes them in her little juicing blender and they're fabulous.

They really wake you up and make you feel like a super hero.

Have you seen Rob Genadek lately?

He has lost weight.

He's a shadow of his former self.

In a great way.

He looks great.

He thinks it's partly due to Nina's presence in his house and her constantly rotating offerings like banana blueberry bread, the spicy smoothies, and many dishes with the vegetables we grew all summer in Rob's big backyard.

Well, also, if you ask Rob, he will say that we haven't had a lot of money so no one is going out to eat any more.


And apparently going out to eat makes Rob overweight, so all the better.

And my blood pressure is stellar.

So we got that going for us.

I'm coming into some serious travel time this Fall.

I go to Ely, MN in September, then come back for one day for my mother's 85th birthday, then fly to Europe the next day.

The Europe tour, thank God, has become a loaded grueling schedule.

Thank God for that.

But it's going to require some very long drives under time constraints.

Children's aspirin here I come.

Then when I get back from Europe I have to drive by myself for five days up through Upstate New York.

I have five shows booked up there one week.

I'm looking forward to it, and it's a very nice drive all th way rally, I just have to do it without hurting myself.

It'll be fine.

So, that's what I'm thinking about this morning.

That and what to write in my new set of handmade books I'm doing special for the Songs From The Road tour.

Life is grand, people, get out there and make some big mistakes.

Get your hands dirty.

Live your wildest dream and do not look back.

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