Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas!

As I'm writing this, my eighty-five year old Mom is holding court in Rob's dining room at ten-thirty in the morning, with a glass of the Christmas Glogg that she so generously sponsored, and, she also has a mug of coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream in it.

It's a Christmas to remember!

My mother is very critical and conservative.....sort of......and especially when it comes to people "drinking".

But when it comes to the Swedish Glogg that her father and mother used to always serve, all bets are off........

well, and the Bailey's is above criticism as well apparently.....

anyway, it's a great joy to all be here together.

Nina and Jordan are here, I wish our Ava was here but she's in Denver with her boyfriend.

Rob came to my last service at the church at midnight last night and he sat with my mother.

We lit the candles and sang Silent Night and I got to sing in the big choir and also in the small choir at midnight.

I have never had a nicer Christmas.

I hope yours is nice too.

Also, I've been invited to return to the church January 5th to play acoustic guitar for the choir for some kind of folk piece they're doing.

How awesome is that.

So the church relationship will continue for me.

I'm happy.

These people are so great.

Merry Christmas!

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