Today I feel lucky.

I feel lucky that I was invited to play songs for a group of really wonderful ladies last night, in a Christmasy barn out in the countryside.

I drove an hour and twenty minutes to get there, beautiful land with an immense winter sky above and rolling hills for miles in all directions. 

The drive home was easy and uneventful even though the temperature had fallen below zero, but the night was quiet and clear and the roads were very safe and easy.

The women were celebrating Christmas together in such a sweet way...they had fabulous foods spread out groaning-board many treats of all kinds.

They were drinking wine and also a spiced cider they made.

The barn was set up with little seating areas and then some larger long tables too and everything..and I mean everything...was decked out in red plaid, and black and red check, and Christmas boughs of holly and spruce, and wreaths and bows and little lights and sleds and Christmas trees, and there was glitter glistening everywhere.

When I was a little girl I would go each Christmas to see the Christmas Fairy and Santa Claus at the beautiful old Marshall Field's on State Street in Chicago, where my Aunt Ebby worked.

My favorite thing to do was stand in the line and wait my turn to speak to the Christmas Fairy.

She asked you all about told Santa what you wanted for Christmas...but you told the Christmas Fairy what you wanted to BE.

Then she waved her wand over you and then she sprinkled her magic fairy dust on top of your head.

It was glitter, gold and silver glitter.

I loved it.

You got to walk around with the glitter on your head the rest of the party and you felt so special and important.

I got to feel all those feelings again last night.

I am going to make a wand for myself like the one the Christmas Fairy had.

And I'm going to buy a vial of glitter.

I'm going to keep them in my merch case from now on.

And when people come up to my merch table I can be the Christmas Fairy for them, all year round.

I'm going to go to the craft store today and do this.

I made money last night.

The ladies covered my guarantee so I didn't have to pray and beg over the tip jar.

And they bought my Holy Spirit t shirts...two ladies put them on and wore them for the party.

They bought my books and my albums.

It was a lovely evening.


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