Luck, Wisconsin proved to be lucky!

Luck, Wisconsin is a lucky place! 

First of all, I was lucky to be invited to play a house concert at this charming cabin there for two wonderful hosts. 

Second, there was a snowstorm the day before and morning of the show, but we still had nearly twenty people. 

Most of the people had never heard me play live before and they didn't know what to expect to some degree. 

I wanted them all to leave that night feeling like they had discovered a new favorite artist. 

I felt it was a tall order at the beginning of the evening, almost insurmountable to tell them all about what's been happening and who I am and what I'm attempting to do with my one precious life I have left to live. 

It was like I didn't know where to begin! 

I played the first couple of songs saying that there was so much to say that I better just play songs for a while and let it start to unfold naturally. 

That was a good plan, and soon enough into the first set I felt like everybody was pretty much on board. 

During the break we all just kept the conversation going about which albums were about what and what the book was about and what it all meant. 

They passed the hat for my pay and people were very generous. 

I also sold quite a few albums and books and t shirts. 

By the end of the night I felt that I had worked hard and done a good job. 

Everyone was happy, from what I could see. 

I drove home this morning with a great feeling. 

Tonight I work on the grant proposal. 

Tomorrow I go to my first screenwriting class!!!! 

Wednesday I go to New Orleans. 

Is this my life? 

Gratitude and Love. 

Humility, patience, kindness. 

Big words, but the only answers. 


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