lovely quiet concert last night, and a new private show added tonight

Last night we gathered in Mark Buell's lovely music space in Akron, New York on the little old Main Street that's part Tower, Minnesota and part Woodstock, Vermont...if you've been either of those places.

We had a nice crowd and Mark supplied pizza during the intermission.

What a great way to host a concert.

I sold the last of my novels I brought along on this tour, and I'm all sold out of "High Priestess And The Renegade".

"High Priestess.." needs a reworking I think.

It's such a good record, but I haven't been one hundred percent happy with either version we printed, packaging wise and recording wise.

I'm seriously thinking of doing a stripped down new recording of that whole album with Rob and JJ.

The way we play the songs as a trio.

Like "High Priestess Unplugged". Like my "Red Letter Day Unplugged".

I want to make this over the winter.

I don't have to know how, the Universe will co-conspire to make it a reality if it's meant to happen.

It is.

I know it is.

In the meantime, I have more shows.

Tonight I'm in Jamestown, New York where fans have arranged for a Holiday Inn Express room for me.

They were planning on doing a private concert at their small recording space but now they've moved my performance to a venue that's usually closed Mondays but is opening for this as a private event.


I'm excited to see what it's going to be like tonight.

They're having some of the local musicians get up and do an open mic style opening thing from 6-7pm and then I play my concert.

Free beer and wine for the revelers.

It sounds like a really fun night.

I'm going to check in to my glamorous free room early today and take the longest hot bath possible.

Then I'm going to take a nap.

Then I'm going get myself all fixed up and put on my punk cowgirl outfit and head to the venue at five o'clock.

What a fun day!

Tomorrow morning I'll be heading out of Jamestown ideally at the crack of dawn to try to drive straight through at least to Janesville before nightfall.

I love this.

I love what this very risky solo tour taught me.

I sprang forward and the way opened before me.

With the help and support of so many great people.

Love to you today where ever you are.

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