looking forward to a brighter day

I'm enjoying life.

I had a great kale salad with roasted brussels sprouts made by my son last night for all of us.

We gathered with candles at our dining room table.

I made all the berries from Easter brunch into a berry tart with a crumble topping.

Fresh whipped cream on top.

It was a great evening.

My son brought Lonely Blonde beers and a bottle of wine called AVA to represent his sister in Denver.

Nina and Rob were present.

We called my mother who is doing great.

This life is good enough, this is great.

I wrote another song yesterday.

I want to send in a good recording of a good new song to MPR where they're asking for these from Minnesota songwriters right now.

Tomorrow I've set as my recording day..probably just on my phone.

Today I do a Zoom book club meeting with a group in Minneapolis.

They sent me a set of written questions that we hope to cover during the hour.

I am very energized by these Zoom opportunities to talk about my book, my music, my life.

I feel like I can see a glimpse of the future and a glimpse of what I've accomplished so far during the meetings.

There's a great interview up on Youtube from a pair of young "podcast" hosts.

Dasha and Eva, and their podcast is called "Broken Millennials".

I was their first guest last week, courtesy of Zoom.


I have a strong sense of looking forward to this new era we are embarking upon.

I will help, I will play a role, I will participate.

I can't wait.

Also, a friend fan colleague and supporter dropped off a wonderful manual vintage typewriter for me yesterday on the front porch.

See my Instagram page for the photo of it sitting on my desk.

Now I'm looking at different styles of typewriter papers to order on line.

The world is magical and wonderful, maybe right now much more than a year ago.

If we live and if we are very good maybe God will permit us to be pirates!

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