long day into night in Rochester NY

Today I left Akron, NY where I'll be staying every night as the artist in residence, literally above the music center on the Main Street, to be on the radio an hour away in Rochester, on WRURfm.

Scott Regan is a great music promoter, songwriter, musician, DJ.

I enjoyed telling him what I'm doing these days.

It's been two years since I was on his program, promoting Red Letter Day, with Rob and another musician along as a band with me.

Here I am today bringing him my first novel, my High Priestess And The Renegade original album, and my new cover tunes album, all at once.

I am grateful to him.

He listened, he gave me airtime, he gave me his patience and kindness.

I drove sixteen hours in two days by myself, which is not something I want to do very often in my life, but it was worth it to deliver my current career to him. 

I feel good about my performance on the radio.

I've been sick since Europe two weeks ago.

I think my voice today was about 87 percent back on track.

Tonight I have a show 7-10pm playing solo at a little bar called the B Side in Fairport, NY.

My biggest issue right now is that they're saying the weather is going to be bad tonight and I don't want to drive back to my place above the music center tonight, alone, in high winds, on roads I've never been on in my life.

I have nearly run out of money right now.

One fan kindly sent me $50 yesterday and so I have a full tank of gas.

I'm thinking of trying to see if there's an inexpensive hotel near the bar where I'm playing.

Otherwise it's going to be over an hour drive to get back there around Midnight tonight.


I'm going to look into it.

These are tough decisions on the road.

The show tonight promised me $150 and dinner, so that's good.

And maybe people will come to this and buy my new album, and my books, and all my cool stuff.


I am following my path.

I am on my path.

I approve of myself.

I believe in what I'm doing and what I'm all about.

Love to you where ever you are today.

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