live on the radio today KAXE

I'm leaving soon to drive up North.

I'm live on the radio today from 2-4pm on Northcountry KAXEfm.

I respect these community stations a lot.

They bring so much to their listeners. I know they're ruled to some degree by their own personal, financial, political interests but whatever, but they seem to have a strong desire to give their listeners neat new stuff to get excited about and that includes music like mine sometimes.

It's a nearly four hour drive each way today and I'm glad to do it.

I get to play five songs and hopefully tell about all my stuff I'm so psyched about right now.

A big thing about the interview process is that the questions asked give me a chance to update my own framing of my story.

What is happening right now?

How is it going?

What does it all mean?

How does my past play in to my present?

How doe my attitude about my present play into my future dreams and goals?

I love it.

I realize I'm one of those charismatic people who make themselves into a brand.

So what? I used to feel bad about that, and my mom always hated that about me, but it's where I dwell as a person, I dwell inside a made up Courtney Land that is full of guitars and chord progressions, lyrics and melodies, big feelings and ponderances, ideas about love and kindness and how to give and get that in this world, lots of thoughts about homey decorative arts, cooking, clothing, making stuff with needle and thread. And I have a weird subtext of self promotion churning and narrating and thinking up new ways to connect and entertain, to bring my inner ideas to the people, partly because I'm gonna love doing it and partly because the people are gonna love it. I have been this person since Kindergarten so I ain't changing it any time soon.

Today I am so psyched to wear the black and tan animal print reefer coat I bought in Germany for thirty euros. I'm gonna wear a red plaid cowboy shirt under it and high waisted black denim cuffed shorts with black tights and my Doc Marten lace up platform boots. I'm going to add my black leather studded collar and my black beret. Like Country Punk. I love that right now. I just love it, mixing the cowboy western stuff with the punk stuff. Have you heard of R13? That's my favorite fashion company right now. The designer is an Asian guy who used to work for Ralph Lauren. He's taking all the Ralph ideas I adored throughout the nineties and he's adding safety pins and sassy rock and roll t shirts and radical ripped up shit...oh my god it's awesome. Google it.

So, one more thing to say, is that I am so happy I have this blog to turn to again. 

I have so much excitement running through my veins about so many things, I just cannot even keep it all straight.

Having this blog right now, to write this stuff out every day, is a godsend.

I'm using this writing somewhat differently now.

I feel like when I started this blog, I was coming back from touring and missing everybody from the shows, so I wrote every morning to be like a message in a bottle to everybody.

This is still so much about that for sure.

Then there was the additional element of explaining my processes, my struggles, my needs as an independent artist.

I felt that by explaining what my vision entails in terms of daily work and necessary costs, I was able to give a transparency to my pursuits.

I was often meeting questions or criticism about my determination, my obvious ambition, my drive to succeed.

This blog has helped me shape a semi-public narrative that I can refer people to and I can draw from to support my actions.

It doesn't matter really if people get behind me with this or not.

What matters is that my vision is stoked with inspiration and feelings of boundless possibility. And a sense of Freedom.

I'm gonna fight for that.

It's me fighting my own worst attitudes and asking God and The Universe for support.

The other people are part of it because they can be inspired, they can enjoy, they can love, they can feel free too.

I can contribute to the freedom of the world.

I can contribute to the Great Collective Goodness.

None of this is about kissing ass or pandering to the commercial masses.

It's about one soul to one soul, even when there are a thousand people in the room.

Okay, well, as you can see I am psyched.

See you later today on the radio!


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