Letter of intent this morning

First of all, my short term plans changed radically in the last forty-eight hours.

I have had a sense that money is coming in for me from several nice sources including shows, consultations, and back up singing studio work.

I had a plan to go to Laguna Beach, Santa Fe, Denver, and return home with the first days of Spring.

Now, as far as I can see, it's all being cancelled.

Someone asked me on the blog here yesterday if I would be cancelling shows, and I would say NO, but it seems that they're being cancelled anyway.

I see from the Italy model that we cannot be too careful right now.

I see that whatever we do right now is what will or will not overload our hospitals two weeks from now.

Okay, I get it.

So I have devised a plan.

It came to me in a flash, I wasn't thinking about it at all, it just came to me suddenly, which I consider to be a very good sign.

I'm going to start something brand new for us.

I'm going to write a Creativity Worksheet every Friday.

You will be able to download it for yourself for free here on my blog, every Friday.

It'll be fun, fresh, delightful, ponderous, open hearted.

It'll be questions for you to consider, lists for you to make, exercises for you to try.

A weekend's worth of fun if you're not able to go out to shows or parties for a while.

A week's worth of fun if you're working from home and need some healthy diversion.

The second part of this is that you can submit your completed, or half completed, or partially done, worksheet to me at any time for a creative consultation.

We can do a phone conversation, a series of emails, or a FaceTime call.

You can play me the new song you ended up writing.

You can read me the paragraph you wrote about your dog or your determination, your love or your loneliness.

We can talk about where you could take your concept further, what else you might want to explore.

I mean it to be inspiring, comforting, challenging, affirming.

I'll ask for a one time payment for the consult part, $50 an hour is my usual fee, so that'll be the base rate for this.

You can choose to set one of these up with me any time, using any of the worksheets as a basis as we go along week to week.

The idea for me is that we stay in touch and I provide a new creative and connecting outlet for you and your thoughts and dreams.

And for me, I can try to keep paying my bills and going to the grocery store.

The first worksheet will come out later this morning and I'll share the link to it on all of my social media sites as well.

In the meantime if you would like to support this artist, consider purchasing my full discography on Bandcamp as a download to your phone or laptop for $49.99 at this link  https://courtneyyasmineh.bandcamp.com/

Thanks and I'll be posting the first worksheet later this morning!

The letter of intent is below:

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