let's have fun


Let's have fun, okay?

I'm over the heavy stuff for a while I think.

If heavy is your bag, refer to the past hundred posts of mine, or two hundred posts of mine, and you'll certainly find something to sink your teeth into.

But now, my brother's birthday remembrance behind me, and new ideas for 2020 ahead, and the whole holiday season unfolding before me, I'm ready to have fun.

Yesterday I received the exact kind of offer to perform that I want right now.

Solo concert, within a day's drive of my home.

Complimentary hotel room so I don't have to drive back the same night, very civilized.

$500 guaranteed for me, and more if the room is full.

The booking person mentioned that the radio station manager in their region said of me that I'm really a storyteller at heart.

Okay, I'll take it!

I had done a radio show at that station earlier this Fall upon my return from Europe.

The booking person for the concert series heard me on the show and wrote to me on my website, inviting me to submit my recordings for consideration in their series.

I sent them High Priestess And The Renegade and also the new Songs From The Open Road.

The response I got yesterday was this invitation to play for them and this very nice offer that is exactly in line with what I want to be doing now.

More please.

More of these.

This story, repeated across the country, across the world.

A drive or a plane flight.

I promise to do a good job, be nice, be grateful.

Give me more of this Lord.

So let's have fun!

Let's put on our "holy spirit 2019" holiday t shirts...if you don't have one yet I can make you one and send it to you in time for your next party!

All things are yours because you are loved!

Here's me yesterday in one of the holy spirit t shirts I made!

And I sewed the taffeta ballgown skirt too!

I can make you one of those too if you really want one!

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