leaving today for a new adventure!

I rented a four wheel drive vehicle and I pick it up this morning.

I pack up all my cool stuff and head towards Gary Indiana.

I have reserved a $75 room at a hotel along the Indiana Dunes at the southern tip of the Great Lake Michigan.

I decided to stay out of Chicago altogether and get a little further on the trail before nightfall.

Tomorrow I should be able to do the last eight hours of driving, around and up the Eastern shore of the Great Lake Erie.

I'll reach Akron, NY by nightfall I hope.

I'm meeting a songwriter and venue owner named Mark Buell in Akron at his Arts Center.

I'm going to truly be the artist in residence, above the center, for the week.

I'll be performing in the songwriter series there on Thursday and then again in a solo concert of my own on Sunday...after the football game.

My daughter Nina said yesterday, "This is exactly what you've been wanting to do."

It's true, it is.

I have wanted to go to towns, and stay a while, and be paid to do things.

Maybe I wish this round had a teaching element...it should I think...but I didn't plan that, I just didn't even think of it.

I'm not sure teaching is what I wanted to be doing anyway.

When Bob Dylan comes to town does he sit down and do a songwriting seminar with the kids...or the adults?

I don't think so.

What Would Bob Do?

Bob would use his quiet time between performances to type up some more cool shit on his old typewriter.

I mean, clearly, "I was caught up in a different time, my heroes have all been picked apart, by people more savvy than me who say they know what it's all about...." (that's a quote from my own song Ballad To My Other Self).

If I do a songwriting seminar right now I also run the risk of wrecking all my own fun by feeling like I have to dress more appropriately or talk more carefully or encourage people in a gentle way that is beyond how I'm feeling.

So, good, no seminars.

Just performances.

I intend to be a bad ass.

I'm bringing my Guyatone and my real Orange amp.

I'm going to run my acoustic through my brown box.

I dreamt last night that I performed my newest song, the one from yesterday on the balcony of a huge cool house and there were two massive dogs and there were all these cool new people in my life and they knew me.

I was afraid they wouldn't like the new song but they did.

And there were offerings being collected for me and I could see that the offering plates were overflowing with money.

And there were many yards of beautiful fabrics that were draped everywhere for this party and when they cleaned it all up they were leaving the yards and yards of beautiful fabrics for me too.

And there were the two massive dogs at this massive party, I watched them from my balcony as I sang. Big brown fur dogs made like the huge chocolate colored fur bear that my father brought me from Bonwit Teller one Christmas.

I remember the box was huge, the peach real silk ribbon was huge, a real ribbon that when you untied it fell in a beautiful curling heap at the side of the box, do you know about these things?

Perfect white tissue, silver and gold stickers holding the tissue in place, and when I broke the seal I remember thinking, did my Dad buy me a fur coat? Do I want to wear a fur coat?

But no, it was a big Teddy Bear, four feet tall, beautiful with it's thick dark heavy fur and a face like a real bear.

These luxuries are mine again in my dreams.

I am rich.

I have everything at my fingertips.

I am the girl with the brand new SUV this morning, heading out to the beautiful Indiana Dunes which I haven't laid eyes on since the morning after my Junior Prom.

This has all been taken away from me twice in my life, but never again.

All things are mine 'cause I am loved, how can I keep from singing!

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