last night's show and today's photo shoot

Last night my trio played at the Aster Cafe supporting a touring band from Arizona.

They did great.

We did okay.

I think I'm so used to playing solo that it's hard for me to get into the groove literally!

The trio feels like too much noise.

Working with a sound person isn't as easy as me setting up my own sound and using my own equipment.

I felt like I could have tweaked a thousand little issues on my pedal board and in my monitor and in the house sound.

Plus, the microphone I was using wasn't grounded properly and if my lips touched it I got an electrical shock.

So I had to sing off the mic farther than I usually do and I still got shocked at least twenty times.

Also, the mic stand they gave me didn't stay tall in it's position, it kept drooping under the weight of the microphone and I would either have to keep lifting it up or stoop down to sing into it.

I am not judging, but the sound man introduced himself to us by the name "Gremlin". I don't know whether that was his birth name or not. It's possible, by the way he looked and acted, that his mother might have named him this.

Rob was all fired up after the touring band went first and he came out of the gate with guns a blazing. Many mixed metaphors here.

He was loud and I didn't feel like starting out loud so I had to force myself to be loud to stay present in the band mix.

I hate doing that.

JJ did pretty well, and we all did great during several passages of the music, but we definitely need to do some serious rehearsing.

I need to gather the strength to say what it is I want for these trio shows and be sure that my vision is respected.

That may sound easy and obvious but it's not when Rob Genadek is in the house.

He has made my albums and worked on my music for so long that he feels he knows better than I do.

But I've now played all these many many solo shows and I've seen how people react to me playing solo.

I did not get as good a reaction from the crowd last night.

I usually sell a bunch of merchandise.

I sold none last night.

There could be other factors here, like they were the other band's fans and they were never going to cross over.

Anyway, the trio needs work and it will be wonderful once we do some rehearsals.

That's the news from the front.

Plus today I doing a photo shoot with a stylist, this shoot was offered to me by a very good music photographer in town and he is supplying the styling as well.

We shall see! A new adventure for me!

Love to you today where ever you are.

Enjoy summer.

Don't sit inside in the air conditioned room and lose your chance to be out in Nature.

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