last night of the Tuesdays in June residency

I've been playing every Tuesday in June at the beloved Finnish Bistro in a sweet little neighborhood in between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Tonight is the last of this Tuesday series.

Next month I play all Mondays in July at the 56 Brewing Company.

That'll be the new place to catch me every week.

I like the every week on an off night thing because it's relaxed and personal, and I can leave saying "see you next week" which feels nice.

In August it's Thursdays in Excelsior at the 318 Cafe.

In September it's all about getting ready to go to Europe and put out the new album.

In October it's getting back from Europe and heading to Upstate New York for a few shows.

So, the next residency would be November.

I think I'll write to the Finnish Bistro today and ask to have the Tuesdays in November.

Maybe straight through until the end of January to get us through the holidays.

Okay, we shall see.

Love to all.

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