last night at the Dakota

I went to see two male songwriters I know perform last night at the Dakota Jazz Club.

Rob was the guitar tech for the headliner so he got me in free with a seat at the bar.

A favorite man I know, another songwriter, came to the show too and sat with me.

I think he picked up my tab at the bar.

He told me he reads my blog, so thank you Kind Sir.

The two songwriters are both talented or gifted in the sense that they appear to fairly effortlessly have the ability to play instruments with technical skill that is beyond what the average person can achieve even with lessons and lots of practice.

The two songwriters can both write good songs.

The headliner can write pretty nearly great songs.

The opener can write decent songs at least.

Both men probably don't one hundred percent believe in their ability to raise their solo careers right now to the heights that they might dream of achieving.

The younger of the two men is forty-six years old.

He told me after his performance that for the sake of earning money that he is focusing on producing and recording new up and coming young artists.

He said to me that young artists can tour and they stand a chance to have a big career so he wants to be their producer and make a hit record with one of them.

I said that youth is overrated.

I said that he could pour all that passion and energy into his own artistic development.

He's only forty-six.

John Prine just put out a brand new album at seventy.

Don't take that for granted.

Yeah, John Prine, he's already super famous, he just keeps putting out records and it just works because he's John Prine.

Not so.

You have to wake up and get the shit done whether you're eighteen or eighty.

Some people can't pour their energy into their own artistic pursuit at any age, and some people can.

If you can it's a miracle.

At any age.

In general I don't give a crap about what some eighteen year old thinks about anything.

There, I said it.

On the other hand, I am one hundred percent invested in listening to anyone of any age if they are one hundred percent invested in revealing their inner workings and giving me something to get excited about.

Whether an artist is old or young, what an artist can do for the world is reveal their unique perspective in an impassioned manner that gives us all the desire to dig deeper and reveal ourselves too.

Put out your albums, write your songs, go on your solo tours, reveal yourself and your experience, hone your individuality and your authenticity.

Break down barriers, break down walls.

Love to all.


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