last night and tonight

Last night we played a great show to a handful of people and we made some new true blue fans.

One man who was at the show last night is American but lives in Germany and has pledged to come see us when we're on tour in September there.

We played out in a small lakeside town where we're going to play these three Thursdays in a row.

Maybe because my beautiful daughter Nina had her first ever band show last night in Minneapolis, and maybe because I'll be doing three more Thursdays this month, nobody came to my show.

But, we got a few walk ins and we put on an excellent show.

The sound person hired by the venue was a very serious young female musician and she said it was he best show she's ever done sound for.

I feel great about this trio.

I feel great about my #1978 vibe for my new album and tour.

Tonight we play Reunion Bar in Northfield, Minnesota.

I have no idea how many people will be there, but I'm excited to put on a kick ass show.

We can do it.

Then tomorrow morning I drive due North to put on a solo show for a house concert series in Silver Bay.

I love those people and I can't wait!

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