Keep moving closer to your actual perfect dream

I'm going to take more steps toward a very bright future today.

In the face of threatening illness and poverty, I'm going to move forward on my vision as best I can.

I'm going to finish my banking paperwork to process my bankruptcy, which although scary, is presenting itself as the brightest path toward freedom and independence, for my music career and for me as a woman.

I'm shocked that my longtime bank, for more than thirty years, wouldn't come up with any helpful solutions for me.

All of my debt is with them and is all from my divorce time period, and I thought they'd help me make a consolidation or a reasonable payment plan.

Especially in these troubling times, I really thought they would, but they won't.

So I have found a great solution that takes bravery, takes the help and support of others, and takes a vision to stay the course.

I'm doing it.

Now is the right time, and possibly the only time in my life, that this sort of solution makes sense for me.

Second big move.....

it may seem obvious to you, but to me this takes a new courage.....

I'm going to prepare what is now eight and will be ten new songs......

for Rob Genadek to listen to as simple phone recordings.

He says he thinks this is the time, while we're all mostly without other work.

He's agreed to listen to eight or ten and he'll pick three.

The three he picks we'll work on together and make proper arrangements for.

We'll record some kind of simple demos in his new tiny studio space out back in his garage.

He has it very cute and cozy...he wouldn't like me saying cute...but very cozy for sure....but it is cute.

We'll record some kind of simple demos.

Then I can decide what to do after that.

It'll give us the basic flavor of the new album, which I've already said will be somewhat in the flavor of the last "Songs From The Open Road" album.

We're thinking of adding one cover....the public domain hymn....I opened my on line show with it Saturday night....

"Farther Along".

It's been recorded by Elvis Presley.

It's been recorded by the Dolly, Linda, and EmmyLou trio.

And now it'll be on my new album.

At the end.

".....cheer up my brothers, live in the sunshine, and we'll understand it all by and by."

That's the last line.

New Album.

Oh my God, those are my favorite two career words, besides On Tour!

Things are gonna be on a cash basis going forward so I have to make sure I've raised the money for this new album by mid summer.

I'll do some concerts especially to raise the money for the album.

I'll get these demo songs recorded and then we can share those to get people fired up.

Whatever it takes, it has to happen.

I'll do it, I promise.

Stay alive, stay safe, stay healthy, because we have a lot of fun in store for the future!

Get your house in order now while you've got the time.

We're going to be too busy having fun to do all this housekeeping once this is over!

Love to you this beautiful Spring Monday.

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