karaoke for the first time in my life

Last night I played at the Hallberg Center For The Arts.

It was great.

I shared the stage with two other songwriters I'd never met before and we took turns playing our song for a nice size seated audience.

The other two songwriters were both under the age of twenty, maybe under the age of seventeen.

They were great! Very inspiring.

It was very interesting for me to see what they're doing with their musical instruments, their voices, their melodies, their words.

Every generation has it's quirks and defining characteristics.

I loved being part of it.

I loved hearing what my voice and my style and my words seemed like in contrast with theirs.

And each of them were very unique, at least in the context of the three of us.

I don't know what music each of them listens to but I'm guessing there might not be much overlap.

I listen to top 40 radio, with joy and enthusiasm, whenever I get out on the road.

So I hear a lot of current popular music.

I could guess where their influences lie, each of them, but I'm not going to guess.

I just took each of them at face value and their styles were delightful on that stage with the three of us all being quite different, but really, of similar quality in our own ways as well.

It was great.

Then after the show I drove home, about an hour drive, and I realized that there wasn't anything to eat and I didn't want to wake Nina with a bunch of late night cooking.

So I decided to stop at The Howe, a bar in our neighborhood, that has a good late night happy hour.

I walked in and immediately felt like it was a fun decision.

There were a lot of fun people and it was very vibrant.

The female bartender told me she loved my outfit.

The girls next to me at the bar said they wanted to be my new best friends.

The bartended said that everyone in this bar right now wants to be friends with you because you're so cute.

Wait, what planet am I on? Did I take a wrong turn and leave the planet Earth?

Then to my total surprise, some loud music started up and a guy with a cordless mic started announcing that karaoke was about to begin and that we had better all look at the books and pick our songs.

I got up with my dink and moved to a tiny table in a far corner to have my ahi tuna appetizer.

I wanted to stay as far away from the loudness as possible.

A young man came over to me and asked if I was going to sing.

I said no.

He said I looked like a performer.

I said I sing for a living.

He said I should pick a song.

I said I've never done karaoke in my life.

He asked me what song I would do if I was going to do one.

I said Amy Winehouse Back To Black.

He went up and signed me up.

My turn came, I finished my glass of rosé, and I sang.

I did pretty well.

It was a blast.

People high fived me.

Pretty soon after I decided to go home.

On my way out a girl was doing a good job of singing Adele's Someone Like You.

I joined in on the high harmonies for a second as I was walking past her and she let me sing the rest with her.

What a fun thing, karaoke.

I've been missing out.

It's not cool, and you don' have to be good, but it's a challenge and it's a blast.

They have it every Thursday and I'm going back for sure.

Real shows today and tomorrow and several next week.

Hire me for a December house concert.

I beg of you.

Thanks to the young man who convinced me to sing last night.

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