John Mayer

John Mayer has become a big influencer.

He's influencing me every time I look at Instagram.

I have a small leopard fur purse from a company by the awesome name of "Current Mood".

"Current mood" is a popular expression and has been for a while now, maybe especially on social media, not so much in regular conversation I suppose.

John Mayer owns the @currentmood Instagram handle.

How did he do that? 

He has a fun little show he films and puts up on Instagram called, none other than, "Current Mood".

He has great guests like Dave Chappelle stop in and goof around with him.

Did he coin the phrase?

Probably not, but he must have gotten on it pretty quick to have that handle.

Just that small fact says something about him.

Who would have thought that John Mayer would revive himself and his career in such creative and cool and fun ways?

Not many of his contemporaries, meaning musicians who had hits in the 1990's, or just musicians in their forties, are doing what he's doing.

He also plays with the Grateful Dead guys as "Dead & Co." and they're doing a bunch of shows this week on the West Coast.

It's not really even about him being a musician right now for me, although he'd never be able to do what he's doing with his fun little program if he hadn't done everything he's already done.

The biggest thing about what John is doing is that he's broken down a barrier between himself and the world, between himself and his fans.

He's done it by being accessible, by being present, by not hiding.

He props up his phone and he films himself talking and singing and playing his guitar and talking with fun people.

I'm sure he gets all the help he needs as well, but you get my point.

I am still hiding.

I hide behind the written word because it's so much easier than putting my face on display.

But I read somewhere that your face is your fortune....yes your face....anybody's matter what you look like or your age or whatever.

Face identity is what other people want from you.

They want to see your face and get to know you.

John Mayer just did a segment on his show about why people should let their hair become gray naturally and not use dyes.

He had many good reasons, the most important being that "gray hair is cool".

Obviously John Mayer is getting gray hair and has decided to make it a fashion statement.

Look at Patti Smith's Instagram account.

Patti doesn't really care that much how she looks, or at least, she's making it work as is.

People love her and her posts and they probably love her partly for the way she looks.

She's a trailblazer for women over seventy with her wild hair and her natural skin and teeth.

We used to think older women looked better with unnatural hair color, teeth whitening, make up for eyelids, lips, and skin tone.

Look at our beloved Dolly Parton.

Dolly and Patti are about the same age but have drastically different approaches.

They both put themselves in front of the camera, in front of their fans, almost daily, for better or for worse, and people love them for it.

Today I'm going to film myself talking about each item on my Depop shop site.

That's a good start because all the people over there understand each other, I feel like, since they're just talking about their stuff they're selling. It's not that personal, and there's a shared fashion bond.

If John Mayer can lay it all on the line on Instagram, then I can certainly do the same for my Depop shop.

I want to have fun with my life, with my talents, with the people I love.

I want to keep traveling, keep performing, keep publishing my works.

I want to stay connected and be part of it all.

Thanks to John Mayer for shining a light and showing me that you just have to be brave and relax and enjoy what you have available to you.


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