in my dream

In my dream I was driving two young women to reunite with their families, they were in my charge for some reason.

As we approached the area where they lived that was along a big lake or ocean, I couldn't tell but it was very big water, there were storms.

There were storms last night in Minneapolis in real life.

Thunder and lightning all night long.

I'm sure this had some affect on my mind's choice of dream topic.

We were getting close to the girls' destination, which I think was like a vacation place on the water where their families were staying.

Suddenly there were huge fallen trees across the road ahead of us, and the road was suddenly a very steep hill.

I put the pedal to the metal and my good old Jeep sped up, the engine roaring, and then lifted off the ground and completely cleared the fallen trees!

We were going straight up hill too!

Isn't that cool?

I didn't know I had so much confidence in my own driving abilities or in my Jeep.

I delivered the girls to their family gathering and then I took my mother and her long deceased friend Eleanor out for another drive.

And as we were driving I was explaining to them how I'm receiving royalties and "dividends" for my music all the time now and how I have a lot of money in the bank.


In the face of storms and devastation I was still literally "dreaming up" al sorts of optimism!

Go me!

My subconscious is really on the right track!

Today is still stormy and dark and Tobi is curled up in a tiny ball like a furry caterpillar.

I plan to finish a couple more unfinished songs today as I get closer to sending the whole batch to Rob as preproduction mp3s.

He says he wants mp3s recorded on my phone of each completed song.

No incompletes allowed.

Mp3s and typed lyrics with chords.

Eighteen songs hopefully.

Then we'll whittle it down to ten.

So exciting.

You have to do everything pre-Corona and post-Corona.

I'm only using songs I wrote from when I got sick and going forward.

It's like the whole experience has redefined me, reorganized the atoms of my body and soul.

Plus our presence here in Minneapolis during the George Floyd disaster that changed the world.

It's been A Lot.

I'm very interested to see what I end up with musically, but I feel that I am definitely not repeating myself in any way.

These songs don't sound like my other songs I don't think.

Same genre, but new melodies, new optimism, new belief, new faith in love.


Jump that Jeep right up over them hills and fallen trees!

Go me!

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