I used to think

I used to think we all knew better

Common sense and right from wrong

But in every corner of the world

in the country I believed in

we're proving every day

we have no idea what's going on


how we gonna wake up from this evil dream?

how we ever gonna turn this world around?

it's so simple

it's the words we used to memorize

do unto others

as you would have done to you


don't accept failure

don't let it get you down

we all know it seems impossible

like we've already nearly drowned

the warning signs came and went

and we kept driving past the yellow lights and the detour signs

but we're still alive

we've been given one more day to try


Pick yourself up and cast off your potions

that keep you numb and unaware

this ain't the time for your dozing off

we need you and we need your fast reactions

your split second timing


we need your razor sharp reactions

and your swift response humor

we need you on your toes and moving at lightning speed

it's gonna take all your senses and all your faculties

to navigate the new 

bring us to an open place of safety

give us space for understanding

give us trust again in who we are

there's so much evil

and we have to be ready to stand for the beauty 

and the kindness 

and the love of our fellow man

woman and child

and every gentle beast of our burdens

save our forests and our grasslands

our rocky cliffs and shining oceans

leaving for the Moon will never be the same

as this magnificent planet we were given

stewards of the Garden


who will we save now?

who will we be?

if we refuse to leave this place burning

one screaming mass of misery


turn your world around people

use the tools you were given

open your hearts


restore the children to their families


there's no other way than to worship the simple force of Nature

love the great creator

relinquish your power

you never had it anyway

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