I need your help with my Patreon artist page

I do need your help with my Patreon artist page.

I have three subscribers and they each give a nice donation each month to help me grow as an artist.

When my special edition covid19 unemployment runs out, I'm going to need all the help I can get to keep moving forward with my music.

The Patreon page is a tool for staying connected on a personal level with fans who are willing to also be patrons of my art.

I have five thousand followers on Facebook alone.

Google analytics tells me that a thousand people on average read my blog daily..or weekly..or monthly..not sure how that's tallied.

If you're reading this you're one of the people who might be able to help me make my Patreon page more fun and more worthwhile for patrons and for myself.

Can you make a monthly donation of one dollar, or five or ten dollars, or whatever amount works for you?

If you think of it as a way of encouraging me to continue with the blog, the new songs, the porch concerts, the videos, could you find a place in your heart to subscribe on my Patreon page?

I'd like the three patrons on my Patreon page to feel encouraged to continue and I'm sure they'd appreciate your presence there.

It's definitely a the-more-the-merrier thing.

I can add a lot of content there too, make it more meaningful, as it grows.

I need your encouragement to make it better at my Patreon page, because everything I do is by self motivation and it takes a lot to get motivated sometimes!

As you know I write this blog every day.

And I do this for no immediate reward.

But I know very deeply that each word I write here is an investment in who I want to be, and in how I want to be known.

Motivation isn't about money for me, it's about connection with others.

I want to express myself and I want my self expression to help the world be better in some way.

The Patreon page is an encouragement to keep on going no matter what.

Here's the link....patreon.com/courtneyyasmineh

I can do more if you want certain things that aren't there.

Let me know what you think if you have any reactions good or bad.

I'm grateful to you for taking this time with me, thank you.

Hot Happy Sunday Love from Minneapolis.

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