I made a four day pledge yesterday

I made a four day pledge to Rob yesterday.

I pledged that I would do absolutely nothing for four days.

Just rest.

No nothing.

Just rest.

This came on the heels of a bad "spell" I had yesterday afternoon.

This is a strange virus, unpredictable on all counts.

I thought I was getting over it.

Suddenly yesterday afternoon around two I felt a fever coming on.

The fever lasted until around eight in the evening, and during that time my slight shortness of breath turned into alarming shortness of breath.

The whole event subsided by eight and I went to sleep feeling, if not normal, at least able to sleep.

I slept all night.

I resisted the urge to take extra doses of my inhalers, the Advair or the albuterol.

I just toughed it out and prayed.

I wrote a little song on facebook.

That was weird, sort of a feverish little gesture, not thought out at all.

While I've been taking it easy, I have been walking the dog once around the block each morning.

While I have been taking it easy I have been making blueberry pancakes for everybody because I had bought fresh blueberries the last time I went shopping.

I've done a little raking in the back garden.

I've done laundry up and down from the basement.

I've sat out in back and I've played with the puppy in the yard.

But for the next four days I've pledged to pretty much stay in bed.

The episode yesterday was scary because there are written accounts of people with this virus suddenly turning blue and dying on the way to the hospital.


I do not want that to happen to me.

So, this scare has put me on a different recovery path.

We were already eating and drinking all the best possible stuff.

Nina's a great organic and health minded cook and baker and so am I and so is Rob.

We've all been making nice things for everyone.

This morning I have one of Nina's homemade mango and raspberry muffins she baked yesterday.

Well, those two are going to have to go it alone in the kitchen for the next few days.

I'm going to get to more songwriting issues...many new songs...many unfinished or not typed up.

Very good use of time.

A new scene for my screenplay so I'm ready when the advanced class starts up again.

Keep taking good care of yourself.

Keep eating and drinking the best possible things for good health.

Take a nap every day.

If you have any bad habits, quit them now before this virus kicks you in the ass.

Anything that ruins your immunity is a bad habit, straight up.

I think Tobi has fleas so I'm going to try to order flea powder or flea collar on line to be delivered.

The last thing we need is fleas.

Love to you all.

We shall overcome.

We shall sing again, all together, every one!

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