I'm joining the choir

For the month of December I'm joining the choir at the church my mother attends.

My Mom moved to Minnesota to be near her daughter and three grandchildren about twenty years ago.

At the time I didn't want her to.

I told her that the people you run away from are not allowed to follow you.

I was only one quarter kidding.

But she moved here to Minneapolis anyway.

In the years that have transpired she has sold the cabin on the northern lake.

I have gone touring all over the US and Europe.

My mother has referred to this as "traipsing all over Europe".

The children grew up and went to college.

I sold my house near where she lives.

I moved to New York where two of the three kids went to college.

Then I moved back and moved in at Rob's cute house.

My mother is eighty-five now and doing incredibly well.

She drives the other ladies around in her silver Lexus SUV.

She has a lovely two bedroom apartment with a nice balcony that looks out over a wooded pond.

She knows all of the wildlife that come to the pond and she has names for most of them.

And she still goes to the community church where I brought up my children and sang in the choir when they were little.

So when I realized that December was going to be a very quiet month for me in terms of shows, I started thinking about singing in the choir.

I called the church yesterday to inquire about joining the choir for the month of December.

They remembered me and they were thrilled.

I start this Sunday at 9am with a rehearsal and a service at 10:45am.

I called my Mom and told her I'm going to be singing in the choir for all the Sundays of Advent and on Christmas Eve and she was so excited.

She'd MUCH rather see me sing in the church choir than see me shake my ass with an electric guitar and a back up band on a stage in a bar....needless to say.

She doesn't want to see me play acoustic guitar forlornly to an audience of bistro diners who don't want live music either.

I am so excited to sing choral music again.

I'm good at it.

I started singing in church choir when I was seven years old.

I went to the Christmas Eve service that year and when the kids came out in the white robes with the battery candles in their hands I leaned over to my parents and said, "How did those kids get to do that?"

I knew that's what I wanted to do.

And I did it and excelled at it for years....until the story I told you recently about when I freaked out during a big performance.

But I've made it back to church choir several times over the years.

This choir I'm joining is one I sang with for maybe ten years while my children were in grade school and junior high.

By the time they got to high school I was playing rock shows and going on tour and the choir thing didn't work any more.

I thought that once I was wearing my scarlet letter...not A for adultery but D for divorce...that I couldn't feel good singing with those people any more.

And of course it was my second divorce which made it even worse although they probably didn't know that.

Also I was really getting into my rock chick phase and my skirts were getting shorter and I was staying out later and not feeling so great in the morning either.

To come back to the choir now, and be enthusiastically encouraged to join by not only my mother but also the church people, is so great.

It's not that I think this is a big destination for me.

It's more that the riches I sought were buried in the ruins of the church.

That's from The Alchemist.

He travels the world in search of his destiny and his fortune and eventually returns home to discover the fortune is buried in the ruins of the church where he used to bring his sheep to graze when he was a lowly shepherd boy.

I have given up this Christmas.

Giving up is my gift.

I'm going to the meditation gathering on Tuesday evenings and to the choir rehearsals on Wednesday evenings.

I'll sing in church on Sunday mornings.

I have one show in December, that's all.

I don't know how my bills are going to get paid.

I don't know what will happen.

But I'm going to think right thoughts, say right words, and do right actions as best I can.

I'm going to live in the moment and be grateful for everything beautiful and abundant all around me every minute.

I'm going to be thankful for my good health and for the precious lives of the people I love.

I'm going to live close in step with my little dog who does not sit and worry about whether there will be dog food next month.

I'm going to be grateful for Rob Genadek who keeps to his studio work and keeps his house going and provides a home for me and mine.

I'm going to write to all the folk festivals I wrote to last year at this time and ask to perform.

This time I have my "Songs From The Open Road" album for them which I think will help them understand me better.

And I have the "Married To Bob" music video and the other two from that album to show them my style now.

I really think they'll like me better now.

So, hopefully 2020 will hold new promise and new prosperity for me and for you and for all the people of the world.

We are evolving as a species.

We are becoming more grateful for Nature and for animals.

We are learning.

In the meantime I'm gonna sing in that choir and enjoy every minute of the comradery and the joy.

I love my life.

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