I got a ticket for using my phone while driving

I got a ticket yesterday.

I was calling my Mom.

I was on a side street.

I can't hear her very well on the speaker on my phone.

I just picked it up and called her.

I didn't think about it at all.

The flashing lights were on me within seconds.

I told my Mom I had to hang up because the police were pulling me over.

The police man said I have a very clean record.

However, once in 2014 I was pulled over in Manhattan in a rental car when we were going on tour on the East Coast.

I had my phone up to my ear to try to get directions from the bandmates I was picking up.

I don't remember whether that was a waning or a ticket and I'm not clear about that after talking to the police man yesterday either.

The ticket hasn't been processed yet on the website for the State of MN.

I have to wait until Monday.

But it could either be $50 or $275 depending on whether it will be considered a first or second offense of driving while on the phone.

The two times are almost five whole years apart, but I guess within five years is the cut off.

My Mom is encouraging me to actually take the opportunity, which we believe they will give me, to go before a judge and beg for a reprieve or a reduction if it's the $275 fee.

I'll see on Monday.

This ticket would wipe out the money I'll make at my one show on December 14th.

There goes Christmas.

Well, it's my own damn fault.

Hard to approve of yourself when you're making stupid mistakes.

I guess that's when you need that mantra the most.

I approve of myself 100%, not just when I'm doing everything perfectly right.

Today I'm working to update my website so it looks as presentable as possible.

This website is like my closet.

It's filled with stuff from all the way back to the beginning of my career and shows where I've been and what I've done.

But a lot of it doesn't show me in the best light.

Do I just let it all be here for the world to see?

Just like this blog?

Or do I start all over and just show me now in my very best possible light?

I have mixed feelings about it and mixed philosophy too.

I like seeing old photos of Willie Nelson and seeing him now and pondering how he developed his unique persona over years and years.

Weigh in if you'd like.

Have a great day.

Don't talk on your phone when you're driving.

I won't either.

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