I did it!

I bought the plane tickets for the three of us Rob, JJ, and myself, for the Europe tour!

I overrode my fear and I did the right thing.

I used my own Paypal line of credit and I feel good about assuming the risk myself for my ventures.

We got a decent deal, $720 per ticket roundtrip to Frankfurt.

I think Rob G's assistant sound man is coming with us as sound and merch and tech support.

He is buying his own ticket.

We all sat around at The Brewhut, Rob's small studio in Northeast Minneapolis last night.

We bought my plane tickets and then we celebrated by drinking beer and eating popcorn and listening to.........ten songs off my new cover tunes album!

My oldest daughter Nina came after her shift at the restaurant where she's earning extra money to pay for her music projects.

We all listened to the great work Rob had done and we talked a lot about the songs on this new record.

The songs are written by great songwriters and they all have so much to say in them, and when they're strung together by one voice singing them all it really showcases the lyrics in a great way.

Rob's production, and the original way we started performing these songs as a duo, with the addition now of JJ on bass or guitar, sounds like an old American Wild West sort of vibe.

"Cowboy Electric" we were calling it last night.

Nina said we need t shirts that say Cowboy Electric on them.

There is so much to think about now, so much to do, so much to get done.

My brain is firing with a million thoughts and ideas.

This is going to be a very exciting time.

Bravery really gets things moving in the right direction!

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