I been to a higher place

I been to a higher place

took a long and winding road

drove my car as far as it would go

struck out on my own

carried my burdens

up a rocky trail

followed the parting in the trees

no wider than the shoulders of one man one beast

I kept my eyes on the moss and stones

kept my footing sure

kept my mind on the prize

 for I'd been told


I'd find a higher place

at the top of this treacherous trail

there'd be a clearing in the trees

a place to stay and rest

where I could look out as far as eyes can see


so I kept on climbing

til I reached an open space

there was an old dwelling place

no water or electricity

perched on a rocky ledge

jutting out over the tops of the trees below

I laid down my pack and walked out to the edge


the sun was shining now

I felt the glory of the Lord

and I cried out Thank You Thank You for all you've done for me

And I saw from where I'd come

I saw the winding broken dreams

I saw the sidelined days

where I camped out

sidelined by my misery

no vision forward

no heart for anything

I saw the lies and deceptions

I saw all my misperceptions


I saw the times when I was crawling

on my knees

And I laid down on that rock

and I begged for mercy

yeah I begged for mercy

yes I begged for mercy

please Lord set me free

Yes I begged oh you know I begged

I begged for mercy

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  • Josephine Lane
    Josephine Lane
    Love the lyrics! Can't wait to hear it with music.

    Love the lyrics! Can't wait to hear it with music.

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