I approve of myself

I approve of myself.

That's the line you need to say to yourself.

It's a game changer.

I read that Louise Hay book where she says that this line is your key to raising your life to the level of joy and fulfillment that you desire.

It's the only way to really believe achieve.

If you harbor delusions of grandeur, this is your answer.

I had this idea that I wanted to be the singer, the person with the microphone singing the song.

I had that idea when I was three and my big brother would call our relatives on the kitchen phone and then tell me to start and he'd hold up the receiver of the big old phone while I sang the entire song of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" made famous by Nancy Sinatra.

I had this idea at eight when I sang "Away In The Manger" solo from the balcony of the big church in Chicago on Christmas Eve, wearing my long white choir robe and holding my battery powered candle.

I had this idea when I ran away to the Great North and was allowed to sing a bunch of solos in the annual high school concert.

I married a guy who played twelve string acoustic guitar and a recording that was made of us performing one of my first songs at a folk festival near Duluth got picked up and played in regular rotation on Duluth radio in 1979. 

When I wrote a song for my church for the Sunday after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the church paid for the song to be recorded and they brought it to New York City and got it played in the fire stations.

Record label executives have invited me to play for them in their board rooms in Mahattan, and I've gotten out of taxis with just my guitar and taken the elevator up at BMG records and played for them there.

People who thought I was worth it have given me money, big money and small.

In my song "Apparition", which is one of my very best, the chorus says "...cast out to follow some faint strain while the wind whips us blind and four winds howl down from the treacherous skies and we pray for an omen, something that was promised still rings in our brains, like the bells of the mission, we meet the great owl's steely white gaze and refuse to look away and an eagle watches us from a high place and we plead for a sign."

That song is about this path.

I swear that I was promised something that I have to make manifest through my own unflinching determination and following of the path.

I have often gone kicking and screaming down my own path.

I see now, it's my path, there is no choice, just walk it.

Get up every day and obey the signs.

It's your path and there's no use wishing you were on a different one.

There's no use wishing for shortcuts.

There's no use being a coward or trying to ration out your provisions.

Drink the ale when the fresh water runs out.

Throw the dead bodies overboard.

Make your silk scarf into a tourniquet to stop the hemorrhaging.

Live to tell the tale.

Fortune favors the brave.

“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.”

― Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi


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