how you doin'?

Well, how are you doing?

It's been a rough patch of road for us all.

Treacherous, frightening, exhausting.

So many preconceived notions have been dashed.

I do love a clean slate.

Paint our canvas in new vibrant shades of honesty, kindness, humility, truth.

Value the trees, the animals, the vast riches of Nature.

Value the creativity and brilliance of all other Human Beings.

Value your own deep well of possibility and hope.

Love today from Minneapolis where the match was struck and thrown on to the powder keg of frustration that is our world right now.

George Floyd, unwittingly martyr and saint, a man whose untimely and unnecessary death is changing and already has changed the world forever.

Amazing Grace.

Give yourself a beautiful June summer day.

You deserve it.

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