hopeful moments yesterday

Yesterday I had my first artist consultation in a long time.

We sat on my front porch, more than six feet apart, in the open air, and we played her new song together.

We discussed the tempo, the groove, the melody for the vocal line.

We discussed the meaning of the words and I pointed out places that maybe needed a second consideration for the lyrics to work best.

I enjoyed it so much and I think she did too.

There's so much value in developing a trusted friend and colleague relationship.

I get to think in a different way, outside of myself, outside of my own usual chord progressions and beats and concepts.

The client gets to have someone's undivided attention and honest helpful assessment for their song.

Whether it's your first attempt or your tenth album, working through your new song with another songwriter is a good exercise.

And I was trained as a literature and creative writing teacher and I've taught people of all ages, so I'm pretty good at thinking in an instructive way. 

Anyway, that was awesome, and I hope to do more.

This client and I meet once a month, and have for two years or more now, so we're back on track and that's great.

Very hopeful.

Also, one of my colleagues who's a professional guitarist and a "gig worker" actually got four weeks of unemployment benefits deposited in his bank account yesterday and that's a good sign for me.

I keep thinking of what it would be like to get those weekly checks coming in right now.

Last night another hopeful thing happened.

Rob and Nina and I were all sitting around having olives and cheese and crackers, and a glass of wine.

Rob started playing the red guitar, that's the one we leave sitting out for people to play usually, the red one with butterfly stickers.

Rob played an intricate sort of picking pattern, more like a riff than just a chord progression.

I thought of what to sing and I sang a bunch of lyrics and a melody and it was fun and it sounded very promising.

Rob and I have never once tried to write songs that way but of course we should.

And we should get on it before the Virus hang out time is over.

It would be dumb to have missed such an opportunity.

Usually Rob is way too busy with other clients to ever just sit around making stuff up with me.

So don't tell him if you know him, that I'm plotting to get him to write songs with me that way.

If he knows he probably won't do it.

But I consider it to be another very hopeful moment yesterday that we did that.

When I said, "Maybe we should record this, it's really cool" he said no.

Next time I'll have to just have my phone and start recording right away.

I hope there is a next time.

I hope there are many more days like yesterday on the horizon.

Sunshine and flowers blooming.

Happy puppy dog running around the yard.

Rob playing guitar.

Nina did a photo shoot for a female model she knows yesterday.

They too stayed far apart and were outside the whole time, but they got to work and do something fun and creative.

Let's hope this is just the beginning of a new era dawning.

I feel that way.

I hope you do too.

Today I'm making salmon and risotto and asparagus for my family.

It's May Day!

The first of May and good weather promised.

Nina is making raspberry sour cream cup cakes which are one of her best baking creations.

Make your life beautiful today.


Think flowers.

Love to you.


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