I'm home this morning in Minneapolis, with Aidan, Nina, and Rob, at Rob's cozy house.

I couldn't be happier.

My stop off in Jamestown, New York was such a wonderful experience.

I was given a truly luxurious hotel room..upgraded to a suite even....and I had a lovely time there taking a memorably luxurious shower, and a nap.

I played a private party set up just for me to come through and play live for new fans and old in Jamestown.

The party was held at a great live music club and I'll be setting up a show there for next Spring when I plan to make this whole loop again.

Yesterday morning I awoke at five and decided to try to drive the whole potentially sixteen hour drive to Minneapolis in one day.

If I could do it I would get home a day sooner, I'd save myself the cost of an additional hotel room which would not be as nice as the one they gave me in Jamestown, and I'd save a day of the rental car cost.

So I set out with a giant Starbucks coffee at six in the dark raining morning.

And I rolled in to Minneapolis at nine-thirty last night.

I slept from eleven to twelve noon at a rest area in my car.

Other than that, I ate a really good avocado, turkey, bacon, bagel sandwich somewhere in Indiana I think.

The rest is history.

Uneventful trip home, thank God.

I learned a lot on this trip.

Mostly I proved some things, to myself, but maybe to some other people as well.

I sold out of my novels.

I sold many of my new and all of my older cds.

I sold my vinyl records and my handwritten books and almost all my t shirts.

I was paid guarantees of $150 for some of the shows.

I was given collected donations at many shows.

I was given free accommodations at several venues.

I was given free meals as well.

The rental car gave me confidence to do the long drives and got great gas mileage, 28-30 miles per gallon.

I proved that I can drive myself around and not be too scared.

I proved that I can make money doing this if I get all the details right.

For this one week tour, I came home with a profit of about $700.

That money will pay the minimum on my credit card, the international phone charges from the Europe tour, the utility bills at Rob's house that I pay instead of paying rent.

That "profit" only comes because Lisa bought me my t shirts from the printer, Marc paid for the new cds to be printed, Lisa paid for a box of my books for me to sell, and several fans gave me blank Moleskine books to write the handwritten books.

I've received so much help from additional donations on the road and off.

People have randomly sent me money through Paypal, like Blake who gave me the money to get a nice lunch on the road after I freaked out a spent two days budget on onion rings and wine at some lousy bar the first night.

So, my "profit" doesn't really make sense unless you take into consideration all the people who threw a fifty dollar bill into my tip jar, and all the people who are helping me in a thousand ways.

But this is what fans of original music do.

They pay for really expensive tickets to see their favorite band play their songs live.

Music is a weird transaction.

As the original music artist, I'm learning that you can't look the gift horse in the mouth.

You just take whatever people give and you weave it all into something beautiful.

I give everything I have.

I give everything I have in every way I know how.

And it's coming back to me now.

It's starting to flow like I believe it should.

I am giving and it's being appreciated and received.

Instead of saying I want to be rich and famous, I'm saying I want to be solvent and appreciated.


Gratitude and Love today to all.

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