hearty thanks!

First of all, sorry to the two fans who asked for The Part I Like at last night's show.

That song is high for me and I didn't think my throat was up to it.

So I owe you that one next time.

Secondly, the wonderful comments from last night's live stream didn't transfer over when I edited the film for youtube later.

If I had put up the whole long thing it was four hours.

So I edited it to just the performance but then you can't transfer the comments.

Next time I'll start and end more closely so we can keep all the fun fun fun comments.

I'm so grateful for everyone's participation.

The ticket sales and donations gave me the wonderful privilege of hitting the grocery store this morning.

I spent $150 and now our pantry is filled again.

What a great feeling.

I'm happy that I conquered the technology too.

Now I know I can do the live stream easily and without worry that I'll botch it and let everybody down.

Thank you again friends!

I have a great positive feeling today.

I'll definitely do this again a month from now.

I have about six new songs and maybe by then I will be ready to debut one or two.

And I'll sing The Part I Like!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Stay well.

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