heading to Ely, MN -due North- this morning

I'm heading due North and it's ten below here right now!

The good people of Ely are awaiting the fun and inspiration of my music concert tonight and I can't let them down!

I feel great.

It's about a five hour drive.

There hasn't been a snowfall for a few days so the roads should be clear.

I'm bringing a suitcase full of more or less performance clothes because I have the show tonight and a show again for Sunday brunch.

Both shows are at the adorable and very well run Northern Grounds.

Right on the main street in town.

So perfect.

On the Saturday I have off in between the two shows I'll be representing for my name and my next show so I'm just going to stay sort of dressed up the whole time.

I have to work on my handwritten books and also on my screenplay and also on my new songs, so it's not going to be a walk in the woods kind of weekend.

I'm going to have my own hotel room for three days so I intend to write.

Also I can walk to the coffeeshop and write some more there.

I got a lot to say and I need time to say it.

I would be excited about this weekend even if there weren't two shows, but with the two shows this is a dream!

I want to thank those of you who sent me some birthday money through Paypal.

Thank you.

I am leaving this morning with a very positive outlook and with the fear about gas money abated.

Thank you.

When your credit is maxed out and your savings have run dry it's a very scary feeling.

Thank you again.

And there's so much to do!

I feel that this year is full of promise and I have to capitalize on it all.

Nina went with me to look at the apartment.

She and I both absolutely adore it.

It's only $800 a month with $30 for utilities.

We know that the right thing is for her to have that now.

It's not for me, even though it would be like a fantasy fun thing to have my own little place like that.

But for Nina it would be ideal, her own place, and close to her Mom, and near all the cool places she likes in Minneapolis.

We have to pray that she will find the money and the courage.

Because......we all realized that I want to escape Rob and his house lately because the lack of privacy is killing my brain.

It's not hating on Rob.

It's that Rob is working from home more in his studio out back attached to his garage.

He has moved his small space there and still has his big Uptown Sound Studio.

He likes to have a separate mixing space.

I respect that 100%.

It's just that for me Rob's house was just me and my little dog for the first three years.

We didn't see Rob for days at a time because he'd sleep at one of his two studios to get work done late at night.

Then Nina moved in which was super fun and positive for me, made me fifteen years younger, I don't know how.

But then Rob started working from home more and Aidan died.

And then I wanted to escape.

I went to New Orleans and I didn't like coming back at all.

Not to mention that it's the middle of winter here...not to mention.

But, okay.

I'm not giving up on Rob's house or Rob.

Instead I'm hoping that Nina can reach a new level this Spring with her endeavors and find a way to afford the new apartment.

Then, and this is the best part, I'm going to remake Rob's guest room into an actual writer's hideaway for me.

I can't wait.

I'm going to try to add a window that will look out over the back garden.

I'm going to add a window and put my old pine desk under the window.

I'm going to take apart the twin beds and put one of them back together with two headboards and no footboard, so it looks more like a French daybed.

I'm going to have that to lie down on and dream about my successful screenplays and songs and novels and concert tours.

I'm going to hang my deer head which you don't know about but which Rob has never liked so it hangs in the basement staircase right now.

But it's a mule deer from the 1930's and I love it, so it'll hang on the wall over the daybed.

I'm going to paint the walls some delicious light bright color.

I can't wait, but I have to wait until Nina's ready, but at least we know there are perfect affordable apartments out there for her.

Then I'll get a puppy and train him and I'll be able to watch him when he's out in the fenced in yard from my new window in my writer's room.

Do you remember Virginia Woolf had the idea of a room of one's own.

Well, she killed herself, so apparently that wasn't enough...sort of joking.....

But it's a pretty awesome thing to have and I just may get to have that some day soon.

Also, the guest room is already where my closet is, and I've cleaned that out quite a bit as you know so it would be a nice dressing room area too now with the closet very well organized and only like half full now.

Oh my God life is beautiful.

Pray that Nina can afford the apartment somehow and we can go to the next level of our development as artists, she with her own delightful apartment and I with a whole new lease on life here at Rob's.


Whatever you're praying for, I hope we all get all of it.

Happy Valentine's Day.

See you in Ely if you're coming!

See you soon where ever you are,



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  • Josephine Lane
    Josephine Lane
    I can totally relate to having our own little space of solitude. However, we would be nothing without the love in our life's. Safe travels and love to you.

    I can totally relate to having our own little space of solitude. However, we would be nothing without the love in our life's. Safe travels and love to you.

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