haven't you asked for enough already

Nobody owes you anything, haven't you asked for enough already?

This line, sung, is going through my head as if it was put there by the powers that be.

Steady the game, come unhinged when you're ready.

The time has come to blow them all away, take your place in history.

And the closer you climb they're getting angry.

And the closer you come to the finish line the more they hate you.

Lashing out with tongues that drip with the blood of everyone whose ever done anything.

They'll light you up with their torches if you let them and they'll burn you to the ground.

Don't underestimate the hatred of the ones who sidle up beside you, act like they like you, say they want to be your friend,

but their own songs tell the story of resentment, stories of their envy turning into homicidal fantasies

It isn't safe out there

For one so fair

You better keep your head down

while you're driving in your Cadillac convertible

with a thousand pink balloons tied to the steering wheel

like you think the man on the moon is

watching too

like you think they're all smiling down on you

saying you can do it girl

we love you!


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