happy to be home and happy to be going again

I'm so happy to be home.

My daughter Nina is still living here at Rob's house and she is a delight in every way.

And Aidan our little doggie is the apple of everyone's eye.

Rob is tired and he caught the same bad cold I had the last few days of the tour.

Rob is a prince among men, so tireless and determined.

Rob is moved by duty and inspiration.

He isn't only about inspiration, his strong sense of duty to helping others is a beautiful thing to behold.

So, we're all home and in various states of health, but so glad to be here.

Tomorrow I drive four hours each way to be on the radio for two hours.

Is that crazy? No, it's an honor and it's part of my job.

I don't get paid anything for it so I come up with gas and food on my own and bring them gifts of my novel, my new album, t shirts, a red vinyl record.

The independent radio stations can really be influential.

I believe in them and they are believing in me.

Friday, I play a TRIO SHOW here in town!

A total unexpected surprise!

We realized we are all available, and it just sounds like so much fun to get back together and play the whole new album at the Finnish Bistro!

Why not?

It'll be a really fun treat for anyone who comes thinking they're hearing me solo.

It's quite a wonderful thing if you've never experienced it.

The three of us (JJ, Rob, and I) are the only people who played on the new album which is particularly impressive when you hear the mandolin parts and realize that none of us actually play the mandolin IRL (in real life) but Rob just taught himself the parts he wanted on the record and played them.

Then, I have Saturday and Sunday off and I'm going to make an Indian style curry dish for our dinner one night and I'm going to make a pear tart. I'm going to plant some grape hyacinth bulbs and some peachy pink and white daffodil bulbs in Rob's back garden with Nina too.

Then, on Monday, I'm going to rent myself a car and head out on the open road for sixteen hours of driving to Upstate New York.

I'm going to rent a car to get better gas mileage than my Jeep gets, probably by twice as much.

Also, my car has 130,000 miles on it now, and although it's in great shape and I love it, if something were to break down, I might have a very expensive repair situation that could take time and ruin my plans.

So, the rental car is a good solution. I think it will cost about $350 for the week, but I think I'll save $100 in gas alone, plus saving the wear and tear on my Jeep.

The shows in Upstate New York should all be very interesting and fun.

Take a look at my website calendar.

It's two..and possibly a third in the works...radio live performances.

It's a songwriter circle type performance that's an on going well respected series.

It's a coffee shop solo show.

On Saturday night I open for a band made up of older guys who are all songwriters from the area.

That should be awesome!

Sunday there's a solo concert back at the arts center again and hopefully people will come support me there.

I get to stay in a room above the art center for the duration of my stay in the region and that helps a lot.

When I return, it'll be almost Halloween and that's fun too!

In November I go back to being at home full time, and I have a weekly Tuesday early evening show at the Finnish Bistro again, through January.

So, just really this next week of travel and then I'm home for a long while.

And that means new opportunities for creative work.

No one knows what the future holds, and I do like the expression that "tomorrow never comes".

We only have right now, so make the most of it.

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