Happy Sunday!

I love Sunday mornings.

I love the real Sunday newspaper...has to be the New York Times...nothing else will do.

I also love Springtime.

This morning in Minneapolis it's going to be 60 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny at least until noon.

There may be rain later today, but Sunday morning is my thing, so let it rain later, I won't mind.

I'm going to ride my bicycle to the grocery store.

I have baskets on my bike that hold everything nicely.

We need toothpaste and cream for coffee (I like one of those specialty things called Bliss in Salted Caramel).

I'll buy my New York Times, and maybe buy more coffee too.

Then I'm going to come back and set up shop with the paper and the coffee, maybe on the newly cleaned up front porch.

I love hanging baskets for the front porch and Nina and I were able to buy two this past week.

I'm going to go back and get two more so the whole porch is surrounded by the scent and the beauty.

We found baskets that have herbs and strawberry plants.

How delightful is that?

The strawberry plants are sending out tendrils to attempt to spread, but the tendrils make pretty hanging vines with strawberry blossoms on the ends.

Eventually we'll transplant it all into Rob's backyard.

But to begin the summer, we have these beautiful herbs and strawberries in biodegradable baskets, hung with natural twine.

Heaven on Earth on the front porch.

I made money yesterday.

I sold eight books, all that I had, and I gave ten cds of "Songs Of The Open Road" as well for the book club people.

I was given a generous amount of cash in return that covered the books and cds.

I feel so hopeful.

People are reading and enjoying my first novel..three years after it first came out.

More people are reading it now than when it launched.

Book two is just waiting to be published, but I'm holding out for my acclaim to catch up and to get a publisher to print this second book.

I don't want to self-publish.

I want a publisher and a dignified launch for my next book.

My first book had that with the wonderful Gibson House Press.

I'm hoping my second book can find a good fit for a publisher too.

It's a longer story, a bigger book, the next four years of Sidney and Preston and their mother.

It's great I think.

It just needs the right publisher to be excited about it.

Okay.....that's what I'm thinking about this morning.....

Now for the updates.......

My mother took a walk with Nina and Tobi the big puppy yesterday and that went great.

Rob made homemade popcorn for everybody in the evening which put smiles on everyone's faces.

I went to play my balcony show, which was a success in every possible way.

When I got back there was popcorn and there was beer and wine, there was a pizza coming out of the oven.

Everybody was happy, even my Mom, who was drinking water I think, she doesn't like alcohol very much, unless it's Swedish Glogg at Christmas.

This morning I'm up at 5:45am because I love having the morning to myself, always have, always will.

I'm glad to be alive and to be healthy.

I had to sing for real last night for those people and I was glad I could.

I was glad my throat works and my lungs work.

My "loud box" amplifier kind of let me down on the Hallelujah at the end of my set.

The outdoor situation meant that I had to turn it up really loud.

But when it's turned way up and then I sing really loud it can sort of overload.

The guitar loses it's sound and just buzzes if I'm playing loud and singing loud and the box is turned up all the way.

So on the last song people said that the guitar "buzzed" during the biggest moments of that song.

Bloody Hell.

It's hard to achieve perfection.

I was happy to carry up a small box instead of a big PA system to these people's little balcony for my half hour performance.

So, I should have kept it more together with my singing and playing but I got emotional and started rocking out at the end.

And I overloaded my box.


Well, regret will get us nowhere.

It's a small thing.

I wanted perfection.

People said the performance was moving and meaningful and beautiful.

I like those words, that sounds like I did a good job.

Some day soon I'll always have a sound tech and a guitar tech and a manager and a record label and a publicist and a booking agent.

Any day now I shall be released.

But I have my health, I have meaningful rewarding paid work.

I made money last night.

More money than I need to go to the grocery store this morning.

I have more than I need.

I love my people, I love my dog.

I love my Mom who's taking her pills and seeming ten years younger after only being here for three days.

I love my fans.

When I brought my daughter Nina along with me yesterday to deliver the books and cds to the book club people, I remembered how much I love my fans.

The nice couple, whom I really respect and enjoy, said hello to Nina and added, "We really love your Mom's music. We love your Mom."

For my daughter to hear that, after the years of embarrassment of her mother playing to empty coffeehouses, means a lot.

I'm grateful.

All I know now is gratitude.

I'm blinded by my gratitude.

It makes all the problems disappear.

It makes all ugliness disappear.

It works like magic.

Thank you for bringing your path up close to walk along side me on my path for this moment today.

Good Health and Happiness.

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