great times in Ely, Minnesota!

Will wonders never cease?

I drove up to Ely yesterday and rolled in around two in the afternoon.

I had to carry all my PA system equipment and three guitars and boxes of books and t shirts and cds and vinyl records up some seriously steep stairs to the upper level of the coffeehouse venue where we were doing the Valentine's show.

But hey, it was good exercise and I got it done.

My knees are fine today.

I set everything up and I did a long and thorough sound check.

That's my key to success these days.

Long thorough sound check.

Every pedal on my pedal board has to be checked to be sure it balances with the others and in several different combinations.

When I don't do that I get nervous and lose confidence.

Sometimes I step on a pedal and it's way louder than I anticipated and it wrecks the vibe.

So I did the nice long thorough sound check.

Then I drove the one block to the darling bed and breakfast style inn where the venue owners put me up with my own room for three days.

My room is at the very top of a big old house.

But everything's updated and brand new and beautiful.

My room is like a dream I've been imagining lately, a room of one's own.

It has a writer's desk by the window.

It has a writer's desk by the window!!!!

It. Has. A. Writer's. Desk. By. The. Window.

This may not completely make you fall to your knees in rapt ecstasy, but it did I.

Here I sit.

And here I shall sit for as much of the next thirty hours or so that I have in Ely.

A beautiful friend and fan sent me a gift certificate to one of the restaurants here on the main street so I'm going there for lunch.

I'm meeting a friend and supporter who I adore in the later afternoon.

I've agreed to have dinner with a fun group of fans at 6:30pm.

Tomorrow morning is the acoustic brunch and I play from 11-2pm.

I have the rest of that day free as well......Heaven.

I'll pack up Monday....carrying everything back down should be much easier than it was to carry it all up!

I'll hopefully be back in Minneapolis at a reasonable hour to print my latest screenplay developments and get to my screenwriting class that night.

No rest for the wicked.

But I'm doing it.

I'm doing it and I'm loving every minute of the doing.

Love to you from the top of the world!



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