great things are happening

I'm getting a good feeling.

I actually said during my show yesterday that the songs I wrote three years ago are from a different time in my life when things were very difficult.



Things WERE very difficult?!

What did I just say?!

What words just came out of my mouth?!

I thought after the show, when I was driving back from Wisconsin to Minnesota, that people often talk about "when they realized they had finally made it".

Last night when I got home, my daughter Nina, my producer Rob, and my dog Aidan all sat around with me in Rob's living room and we celebrated with a bottle of Rob's really good red wine he's been saving for ten years.

We talked about this idea of how you will know when you've really "made it".

I ended up thinking that it isn't for me that I've made it at all....clearly.....but that I'm out of despair.

The era of despair seems to have ended!

The Era Of Despair does seem to have ended.

What this new era will be defined by is still unclear, but it feels like a hopeful era of movement and satisfying growth.

Personal progress.

Joined creativity.

Thriving and prospering.

Joyous communion.

Love everlasting.

Happiness and abundance.

Let's roll with this people.

This is our time.

Get out of bed, put something sexy on, pay no attention to anyone who doesn't get it, and go live your best life.

We all want that from you.

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