gratitude is the portal

If you stay grateful you can access happiness.

Abundance is not money, abundance is the glory of Mother Nature and the Great Creator made manifest every day everywhere we look.

My tomato plants have gone absolutely crazy with so many tomatoes, it's unfathomable.

My raspberry patch is producing more berries than I can pick, but that's good because all the birds and chipmunks and squirrels and everybody else love them as much as I do.

Money is freedom and access to certain parts of living, to be sure, and necessary to be sure.

Rob said to me last night that we have an abundant life this summer.

We do.

The abundance has come from the joy of being together.

The abundance has come from making this house a home by my commitment to stay and make it so.

The abundance brings gratitude, the gratitude fosters happiness.

Do something that will make you feel happy today.

What would it be?

Sit with Tobi on the quilt in the backyard and dream.

Ride my bicycle around the lake.

I remember when I was sick this past April with what we believe was the Virus, I thought about riding my bike around the lakes.

I remember thinking that it was possible I'd never be able to do that ever again.

I'd be too weakened or I might even be dead.

But here I am riding my bike every few days like I love to do.

I'm happy to be alive, I'm happy to be able to count many blessings.

It's fun to count blessings and discover there are so many.

Gratitude is a portal to joy.

I'm using it today as my tool to access kindness, happiness, love.

Happy Sunday!

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