grappling with Europe plans

I have slated September 22-October 6 for my return to Europe with my trio this Fall.

But I am tossing and turning at night over the costs and the rewards and the dates that aren't filled yet.

I'm afraid.

This fear is what always makes my tours fraught with difficulty.

I want to break that cycle.

I want to flow boldly forward.

I want the plane tickets to be reimbursed by the revenues so I don't have to ask for money from fans and supporters.

I have a Paypal line of credit of $3500.

This amount could cover plane tickets and a rental car.

Once we're there we would make money every day to cover additional expenses.

Ideally we will sell my albums..the NEW album...and my books and come out way ahead and I can pay the guys each about $500 at the end and pay off my Paypal account and still have made a profit for myself.

This is the model I am envisioning right now.

It won't happen this way if I don't finish booking all the dates.

It will happen if I do everything in my power to make sure we have a great schedule of dates.

I will do the work.

I let fear paralyze me.

I will move forward with the plans bravely.

I will follow through on my vision.

I will.

I will.

And it will be the best tour yet!

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