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I had a productive day yesterday 

I wrote my blog post and drank coffee. 

I did yoga with Nina, day 10 of the HOME with Adriene Youtube series. 

I went for breakfast with one of my dearest friends and best supporters. 

She bought me a salmon scramble and I was in Heaven. 

She also gave me money to pay for the t shirts I've ordered for upcoming shows! 

Black t shirts with the Jon Hunt mod poster design for Songs From The Open Road. 

That's the combination that fans have asked for the most, so I'll finally have it! 

They should be pretty cool! 

After the breakfast meeting I picked up Nina and we went together to a grant writing workshop. 

The workshop was held at a public library near where we live. 

We both got a lot out of the session. 

The idea of the grant is for an artist to present an idea that will help them take the "next step" in their career. 

It's called the "Next Step" grant and it's $5000. 

Five hundred artists apply and about twenty or thirty get one each year. 

Here are the things I want to do with it: 

I'd use the $5000 to trade in my Jeep which has 130,000 miles and has some issues. 

I'd get a brand new Jeep for touring so I feel confident on the road. 


I'd work with the publicist and mentor I met with last Friday and set up a year of promotional touring for Songs From The Open Road. 

I'd tour all over making inroads in the folk networks all over America doing radio promo and as many shows as possible. 


I'd head to Nashville, and then to Austin, Texas and then to Santa Fe, NM just to immerse myself in the Folk songwriter life for a month or two until I get the songs for the next album done. 

The woman who's in charge of this grant process said some very poignant things yesterday. 

She said that this intended to be a very "selfish" grant for an artist to expand their own artistry and take a next step, and that when the money is spent the artist will be changed for the better in an ongoing way. 

She said the artist should dream big and put out the biggest next step dream they can think of. 

She said that the artist should be aware of a "barrier" that's keeping the artist from breaking through to the next level in their career trajectory. 

She said that "money" is not a barrier. 

She said there's a more art based barrier that the money can be applied to....hmmmmm............ 

She said that a "next project" is not good enough. 

A next album, a next painting, a next exhibit, is not a good proposal. 

I suppose you can keep funding your albums and keep making albums but not really be going to a next level at all. 

Very challenging thoughts here! 

So just saying that I want to put out another album with Rob Genadek and he gets the $5000 would not necessarily change my artistic life. 

This is so interesting to me because I've always known that just doing these steps and saying "it's my eighth album!" "I played a hundred and fifty shows last year!" is not the same as really reaching a new audience or taking it all up to a new level. 

Not the same at all. 

Recently, before I "gave up" and surrendered for Advent, Rob G fatefully said to me, "You know, it isn't necessarily a compliment when people are saying to you more and more that you're the hardest working songwriter in town. That's not saying you're the best, or the one they enjoy the most. They're just saying they see how hard you're trying. That's not the same as making it look easy. Artists are supposed to make it look easy." 

Grinding it out and counting every penny is not making it look easy. 


The grant officiator woman also said to be careful what you wish for, because when the time comes, if you are awarded the grant, you will be expected to execute the plan as proposed, whether you feel like it or not. 

Will you still feel like flying to Paris and taking painting classes every day for a month? 

Maybe that's what mine should be! 

Bob Dylan is a really good painter! 

Any suggestions? 

The grant proposal is due January 27th. 

Think big. 

Write one for yourself too! 


Josephine Lane January 13, 2020 @10:18 am 

Praying this gift will come to you. You are the best.

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