Grand Central Station!

It's like Grand Central Station now at Rob's house!

He's got clients coming for mixing and mastering sessions.

They come through the side gate or they come to the front door.

They go out to the garage and hang out with The Producer in his cool new mixing suite.

The space looks cool and it is cool because it has an air conditioner in it's cute little window.

He has a nice side door entrance which is in the fenced in backyard, where as the large rolling garage doors of the building face out into the back alley.

His studio is one half of the garage.

It was this way when he bought the house fifteen years ago from another professional musician, half the garage was already a music studio.

The other half houses Rob's 1970 Volkswagon camper van, in case you're wondering.

We park our cars in front of the house on the street.

In case you're wondering.

The nice side door has a screen that's magnetized and Tobi can pop in and pop out at his own discretion.

When I'm home, which is 90% of the time, I leave the kitchen door propped open so Tobi can run all the way from my office in the guest room on the second floor, out through the fenced in backyard past the vegetable gardens, and dive through the screened entrance to Rob's studio.

When we're both working, Tobi does this several times per hour.

He's got a pretty fun life, checking on his Mom and his Dad all day long.

He usually brings a gift of a stick or a stuffed animal or one of his Dad's socks when he visits.

By the time I decide I've had enough of hammering away on my projects, I have a pile of interesting Tobi gifts at my feet.

Now with the addition of Rob's clients coming and going, Tobi has so much to do he's exhausted by the end of the day.

Yesterday was Grand Central Station.

Rob had two clients, not to name names, but two men I respect for the great things they've done and for the projects they've been associated with.

One of the men was in a band for many many years from which you would know the most famous song.

Last night, I invited a trusted female friend to have drinks with me on the front porch.

We were sitting having rosé, goat cheese and hot pepper peach jam on rosemary crackers, fresh blackberries, olives, a bit of brie.

One of the men had just arrived, and to my delight he remembered my friend and we all realized we had the makings of a party.

Rob and his two guys and my friend and me.

We all sat on the porch and had more wine (yes it was a box of the French rosé with the chickens on the label).

What a wonderful evening.

Five adults all together having fun, and with no one having had much social interaction in quite some time it felt like such a serendipitous special thing.

Afterwards, Rob and I were washing the glasses and cleaning up the kitchen.

He couldn't resist reminding me, again, that I had threatened to move out once and for all if Rob started bringing clients to the garage space.

I couldn't imagine people coming in to use the one upstairs bathroom all hours of the day and night.

I couldn't imagine it.

I thought I'd be caught in all sorts of annoying and frustrating and even embarrassing situations.

I was so mad just thinking about how bad it would be.

And Rob did it anyway, because Rob is a strong man.

Also, I thought I liked it that Rob was gone a lot.

I told people that I liked it that I hardly ever saw Rob.

But guess what.....I was WRONG.

I was WRONG about this as much as I've been WRONG about a whole bunch of things.

I hate to tell you but you're probably WRONG about something right now.

You're probably walking around with some idea firmly in your head that is just plain not true or not right.

Rob having people coming and going is fun, it's stimulating, it's uplifting, and it's good for me.

Plus, people like me being here.

Rob made a batch of homemade salsa, another thing I told him he shouldn't do because it would mess up the kitchen and the salsas we can buy are perfectly good.

But Rob has gone ahead and made several batches of salsa.

He makes me try them and tell him how they could be better.

And guess what....his newest version is truly beyond what I can buy at the grocery store.

Fresh Cilantro from our garden and all.

So, I'm here serving Rob's salsa and guacamole I bought, and chips, in festive bowls on a tray, for his various clients as they come out to the backyard to take a break from the mixing work.

I'm making it extra fun for his clients to come work with him!

Who would have thought?

Do you know what the mixing work is like?

It's actually somewhat grueling.

They sit in Rob's studio, on the leather sofa or in the office chairs.

They stare at the large computer screen.

They listen to small segments of the music recording.

They listen to small parts over and over.

Sometimes they listen to the voice in isolation, over and over.

Sometimes they obsess over a guitar part for an hour.

It's not for the disinterested type of person.

You have to have passion for the music to stay focused.

When it's my music being mixed I stand over Rob like a woman in a dominatrix outfit with a whip in my hand.

I make him change every single little thing I don't like.


I wish that were true!

Actually, I tell Rob about every single little thing I don't like and then he does whatever he thinks is best and I sit on the leather sofa, holding my head.

That's more the truth.

And of course we're getting ready to go right back into that process with my new songs.

God save us.

Well, so, I'm having a wonderful time over here at our home we've created that is so much more ever since I decided to let go and let God.

I'm grateful for Rob and his ability to not be bullied by Courtney's fears.

And I'm learning to enjoy what's evolving here.


Have a great day!



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