gonna write more blog posts...

I feel like writing more so I'm going to.

Right now.

At five in the afternoon.

I feel like telling you that I bought the pork ribs that were pre frozen...raw...that were clearance priced at the grocery store.

I feel like telling you that I just took a big baking dish of my mother's best corn bread recipe out of the oven.

The ribs have been in all afternoon...four racks for the three of us living here.

Rob rubbed them with salt and pepper and I have a big bottle of a good Southern sauce to pour on pretty soon.

Do I ever eat this way any more?


It's cheap. It's fun. We may get sick and die by next weekend either way.

So fuck it, man, I'm cooking.

I'm also writing songs and writing to you.

I'm a compulsive writer and performer so this blog is a little of each and I'm all in right now.

I haven't had any alcohol but I will have some wine with the dinner.

Broccolini with the ribs. And the cornbread. That's it.

The ribs make Rob and Nina both smile from ear to ear just opening the oven and taking a whiff.

I'm sorry to the animals who gave their probably unhappy lives for this.

We have to change all of that forever.

But maybe we can raise them right and kill them right and it'll be okay to eat ribs again.

For now, we're in dire straights and this is making us happy.

I just want to write and write and write.

When there's a reason I'm gonna want to sing and sing and sing.

And no social media and no extra promotion right now.

I don't like it, I don't want it.

his feels honest to me but that doesn't.

Going for honesty and kindness.

In tandem these are the ideal.

Also, thank God I bought the puppy.

I can't say often enough what a day brightener and life saver he is.

Tobi the little joy maker.

Rob spent the morning teaching him tricks.

I'm not supposed to talk about Rob or anybody else on this blog any more, I promise.

It's disrespectful to talk about other people without their permission.

And across the board I don't have Rob's permission.

Probably not my kids either.

So I'll keep it about me and say I feel better today, more optimistic.

The bank didn't give me the debt consolidation loan but that's okay.

I can just keep going as best I can.




Walk in Nature with Tobi and the people I love.

Be nice to my Mom.

What more do you need when you got ribs in the oven, oh damn.

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