get serious

I need to get serious.

I have to pull together my songs now.

Theres no more time, and there's no time like the present.

Generating material is one thing.

Arranging the material into songs that work for a live performance is another.

Making great songs that fit into a great album is even more.

That's the agenda.

That and the laundry and watering the garden.

I've lived to tell the tale and now the tale must be told and edited and prepared for the public.

I sure hope I can do this.

Rob wants to get started and he says he wants to hear twelve finished songs to start.


Twelve finished songs.

I have one finished song.

I have at least twelve more unfinished.

Courage, it's really just the courage to look at what I have.

That's what's necessary.

The courage to look at what I have and see if it's good.

Tobi gets his hair cut today so I'm going to take him for a long walk right now.

One more thing, yesterday, I got to sing as a quartet with three very accomplished singers.

A White woman, me, with a White man, a Black man, and a Black woman.

An excellent Gospel style blues song to sing.

We all came into the recording studio, not Rob's project, a different studio in Minneapolis.

We each sang our parts against the prerecorded backing music.

I loved doing it, I hope they keep my parts, I think they will.

I learn so much by doing these kinds of projects.

I hear my voice for what it is, good and bad, when set up with these excellent professional singers.

And when I didn't write the song, I really have to be intelligent about how to interpret the piece so I represent my own style, fitting in and standing out all at the same time.

It was a great opportunity yesterday.

I hope I'll get to share it with you soon.

Have a beautiful day!

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