George Floyd's murder

I can't move forward with my own life's joys and sorrows without first taking a position on this tragedy.

In my lifetime this is one of the worst things that has happened, mostly because I ride my bicycle past the place where the policeman killed George Floyd two nights ago, so for me this is the closest to home that hate crimes have come.

But the presence of this kind of evil has been with us all for ever. 

In Germany I have witnessed a culture that has worked hard to eradicate hate crimes.

There are still Neo Nazis in Germany. Young German people start the whole thing up again from time to time, but the German people are determined to never go back.

It takes ongoing vigilance to create a safe and peaceful culture, a safe and peaceful world.

The best lines I've seen written in the past twenty-four hours coming up out of Minneapolis can be strung together like this and this is my position:

Follow the hate to the top and vote in November like our Humanity depends on it.

I know that many of you think widely and deeply and way beyond the two party politics of America.

And I love you all for your vast and brilliant perspectives.

I'm just saying that we have to start somewhere and we have to work with what we have for choices to move forward.

As a musician and artist I will endeavor to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

God save us.




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