fun new band last night!

Fun new band!

Three of my favorite words strung together!

I didn't expect to have a fun new band, but as you know if you've been reading this blog, I've had hopes of playing more band shows this year.

I did expect to bring my beautiful trio with Rob G and JJ out to some shows and to Europe in September on tour.

I didn't expect to have a scrappy new B string band with Chad and Ben.

They were great last night!

We were offered another show in Northfield!

I explained that my A string band is more polished, and the booking people I was talking to said, "no, we don't want polished, we want this, just like tonight."

Well, that's so much fun!

I really enjoyed fronting a band in the way where you really have to lead the players through the song.

When Rob G is the drummer, we all look to him because he just is an in charge kind of guy.

It was really fun for me last night to be an in charge kind of guy myself.

And Chad and Ben were very flexible and agreeable and enthusiastic in their playing, so they made it fun for me.

And we made it fun for the audience.

It was much more spontaneous.

It was more like watching a circus act where the performers are attempting things that may not work out.

And we didn't have to fake the suspense!

The suspense was real!

Many of the songs we had never rehearsed...ever...not even once.

It was awesome.

I really enjoyed it.

The three hours flew by for me.

More of this to come!

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