Folk Alliance International Conference 2020 here I come!


Folk Alliance here I come! 

Can you believe this? 

You and I who have sat here every morning pondering the existence of God, did we ever believe that a forlorn woman like me would ever be suddenly flying to New Orleans in this very same month of January? 


How can this be happening? 

Do you see what a miracle this is? 

Rumi was right. 

His advice, all these centuries has been to "spring forward and the way will open before you". 

I think he's been right all along. 

A friend of mine who has accomplished a great deal in his life, and who is a fan of this blog, has this Rumi quote as part of his signature at the bottom of his emails. 

He has done things seemingly from scratch all his life, so I think he knows that Rumi is right. 

I am learning that Rumi must be right. 

If you start off in the direction of your vision and your dream, you're ten thousand times more likely to get there than if you sit on your bed and ruminate over how stuck you are. 

There you have it folks. 

Take any step you can. 

Get out a piece of paper and write down the dream. 

Go for a walk and envision the dream. 

Call someone and ask to meet with them to talk about the dream. 

Just do those things. 

It will lead to one more footstep in front of one more footstep. 

And one morning you'll wake up in New Orleans on your way to meet with Ani DiFranco to hear her opinions of what you should do next. 


This is going to happen to me. 

And whatever you want can happen to you. 

I am the living proof. 

No, it's not a showcase performance, but it's a first time in the door. 

My dream is to stand and sing at the Newport Folk Festival. 

It's definitely one step closer than my bed in my bedroom to that. 

If you'd like to help me pay for the $60 a night room with shared bath, a mile walk from the conference hotel, please consider sending money to these links: 

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