Folk Alliance Conference in New Orleans waived the $500 fee for me!


Well, it makes you feel like you have to do it when the conference you were wishing you could attend suddenly gives you a free admission voucher, when the cost is $500 normally. 

I spoke to Rob about this and he says it's a very exciting opportunity and I should try to make it happen. 

I would fly down and stay three nights. 

All workshops and opportunities would be free for me once I'm there. 

On the Saturday night I've been offered an opportunity to perform a few of my songs. 

I set up a fundraiser on Facebook and so far one kind soul, a fan from the East Coast, has donated $10! 

The vision for me is putting on my big tan cowboy hat that I wore all last Fall on tour, and putting my GSMini travel guitar in the tan carry-on case, throwing a few extra clothes plus my books and CDs and vinyl records in my little rolling carry on suitcase, hopping on a plane and leaving the frozen tundra for New Orleans, walking around as my best self down there, meeting others in the Folk genre, others who might care about my music and me, it's a dream. 

It's a plane ticket and a hotel room reservation away now. 

The conference was the biggest expense! 

If I raise $500 I can swing it. 

That's if everyone who reads this blog this morning gives something, if everyone who rads my facebook post gives something. 

If people like my music and my blog and my shows, maybe they'll feel like they want to help me go to this next level this year. 

My next album will come out this Fall 2020 and it'll be Folk again. 

This conference would help make that record better in a lot of ways. 

And that record will get a bigger platform to stand on in the world. 

I am praying I can do this. 

If you feel the desire to support this sudden dream, you can go to my facebook page to donate or you can paypal me any amount that suits you: 

Pray for me for this. 

I want to be there. 

It's January 22-26, 2020 so this will either happen or it won’t.

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