five days with no pay

The next five days I have no pay coming in from any foreseeable sources.

I knew this was going to be happening because I was so busy traveling and playing shows that I wasn't at home setting up new shows for the holiday season.

I do have a few really nice shows coming up in the next few weeks, but there are fairly long stretches in between.

During this five day stretch I plan to get some of my new songs worked out and ready to perform.

My goal is to perform one new song at my residency show this coming Tuesday.

When I think about it that way, Tuesday doesn't seem too far off.

Also, each day I wan to make a new handwritten small book.

My collection of those for my merch table has dwindled to one...I only have one left right now...and the whole point of them is for you to be able to read through several titles and choose the one that speaks to you, so I haven't been putting that one out for sale.

By Tuesday I'll have a new collection, I promise.

A favorite fan and artist friend from my residency shows gave me some additional blank books to write in so I have a good supply.

And I still have plenty of stickers, and plenty of pens that work.

No excuses.

I'm doing this.

Also, when I get an extra $20, I'm going to buy some more blank white t shirts from JoAnn Fabrics.

I made myself a new holiday t shirt design and when I talked about it at last week's show, so people said they'd be interested in buying one of those for themselves or as a gift.

It's an outline of a deer head with antlers, just black pen on a white shirt, hand drawn, one of a kind.

And under the deer's head in small hand printed lettering it says, "holy spirit".

I made it up and it's cool. 

It's like sort of punk rock but also just sort of clean lined and wholesome.

I'm going to make ten of them in different sizes and sell them before Thanksgiving if I possibly can.

The blank t shirts are like $3 a piece.

This has to happen.

So, I have work to do these five days.

Also, I have five small bags of clothes and shoes sitting at the foot of my bed this morning and Nina is going with me at eleven o'clock today to the Buffalo Exchange place to see if they'll buy any of my stuff.

This could be the extra money I need to buy t shirts and anything else I need.



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