fever came back

Yesterday would have been my third full day without a fever so I decided to celebrate by bundling up and meeting my son outside with Tobi the puppy for a walk around the neighborhood.

We only circled a couple of blocks because I didn't want to overdo it and it was cold and windy yesterday.

For a photo of this event see my Instagram account which is off to the right hand side of my website...if you can't see it here, go to the home page of my website.

Everything seemed great yesterday until mid afternoon.

Suddenly I could feel the whole thing starting all over again.

I get a chilled achey feeling in my upper back, in the middle of my upper back.

Then my face gets flushed.

Then I feel like my chest is constricting and I experience the dreaded shortness of breath.


Why does it go that way?

And why would it return after two solid days and nights of it being gone?


It feels like it's a mean spirited virus.

Like it's truly out to get you.

Today, I'm back to pajamas and robe and warm shawl around my shoulders.

At noon today I promised to do a Zoom interview with university students in Eastern Europe.

I hope I can look good and sit in my room on my yellow bench which I've used for the recent concert broadcast.

Hopefully my breathing will be fine.

I have my inhalers.

I also have not yet used the two inhalers to the full doses that are prescribed.

I've made it through this whole illness only using them once in a twenty-four hour period and you can use them twice or even three times.

So I'm still doing okay.

I always try to get going again too fast.

I just have to stay in my room and rest.


My Patreon page is one other thing I'd like to draw your attention to.

I'm doing a series of essays.

I'm writing them out and I'm recording them.

They're five minutes long as recordings.

About one page of writing.

I want them to be personal essays regarding songs I love.

Songs that I perform.

Maybe a few of my own.

Mostly songs by other writers I think.

The idea would be to write short essays about the music I love and what it personally means to me, how it's affected me.

This is my idea about making my Patreon site valuable.

This series, the recorded and written essays, could be a whole new category of content for me and for my supporters.

I'm determined to give it a go.

The first one was published yesterday.

I'm asking people to pledge a monthly amount as a subscription to the content I'm creating there.

You can pledge as little as $5 a month.

If I generate original content that is unique to that site...and it's good stuff...I think it's a fair deal at whatever level you subscribe.

So that's a new way forward for me.

I won't post every day there, but what I post will be of lasting value I think.

This blog........on the other hand...........is an endless stream of consciousness spiritual and personal practice.

It's a commitment to anyone who stumbles onto my website.

It's a commitment to those who seek out this blog each morning.

It's a commitment to my belief in my music career.

I thought about switching the blog itself to the locked world of Patreon.

I immediately realized that this website would lose all it's life.

What I like so much is that when I'm trying to promote my career, I direct people to this website.

"Go to Courtney Yasmineh dot com."

That's what I tell everyone, in the industry as well as every potential new fan.

What I LOVE is that when somebody gets here they can see all kinds of old and new photos and songs and dates on my calendar.

And what I LOVE more is they can click the blog page and it is always Up To Date.

It always bears today's date.

Oh, this woman just wrote something today!

I feel like they might say that and feel like what they're looking at is alive, is fresh, is vital.

If they scroll and see that this woman, this full time artist, writes every single day, they might feel like they're in good hands.

They might feel like they can trust this person.

They might feel like this person is giving their ALL.

Also, if they glance over to the column on the right, they see that this artist also posted something new on Twitter this very day.

They might notice that this person posted a new photo in Instagram this very day.

They might notice that this person posted a couple of things on her Facebook page this very day.

I hope that the impression they get is that this person is giving of herself 100%.

Maybe they find that they value what she has to give.

If that happens, I have made a follower, a fan, a supporter, a friend.

So, the blog stays free.

And the blog does not end.

At least not for the foreseeable future.

Once I'm rich and famous I may have to stop my "full time artist trying to make it in the big world" blog.

But for now, we got a looooong way to go before I run out of material.

Check out the Patreon page if that interests you.

I'm going to keep working on beating this Virus.

I want to make it through three days straight with no fever.

That hasn't happened yet.

Stay well, stay strong, thank you for participating in my dream and let me know how I can participate in yours.

Maybe this blog is one of the ways I participate in your dream already.

I hope so.

With love and gratitude.


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